3 Reasons to Choose Window Replacement Over Window Repair

window replacement in Pleasanton, CA

Have the windows in your home seen better days? You might be thinking about trying to save some money by doing window repair instead of window replacement in Pleasanton, CA. Repairing your windows rather than replacing them will usually be your most affordable option. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the option you should choose.  

While repairing your windows might make them functional again, it’s not going to improve the way they look. Your old windows are still going to look, well, old. They’re going to bring your curb appeal down and eventually make your home look outdated. And that’s not the only reason you should choose window replacement over window repair. Here are 3 other good reasons to do it.  

Replacing windows will make your home more energy efficient. 

You can repair your windows all you want. But there are no repairs that will make your windows more energy efficient than they are now. If they’re currently allowing air to pass freely from inside to outside and vice versa, they’re going to continue to do that moving forward even after they’ve been repaired. Pleasanton, CA replacement windows, on the other hand, will make your home more energy efficient immediately. They’ll stop air from moving in and out and cut down on how much work your HVAC system has to do. This will save you money on your energy bills and make your home a lot more comfortable, too.  

It’ll bring up the value of your home. 

Repairing the old windows in your home will allow you to use them again. But it’s not going to do anything for the value of your home. Your value will remain exactly the same once repairs are done. Window replacement, meanwhile, will have a big impact on your property value. In most cases, you can increase the value of your home by somewhere around 75 percent of the cost of your new windows. That makes window replacement well worth the investment on your part.  

It’ll save you from having to repair your windows again in the near future. 

Once your windows have been repaired, they’ll work again…for now. But what happens when they break down on you in a few months? Are you going to be prepared to pay for more repairs? Within a matter of just a few years, you’re likely going to need to do so many repairs that you’ll wish you would have just gone with window replacement from the beginning. So why not strongly consider doing it now instead of doing window repair?  

Window replacement might cost more than window repair in the short term. But you’re likely going to save yourself a lot of money over the long run by installing Pleasanton, CA new windows. You won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing them anytime soon when you allow a reputable company like R & M Quality Windows & Doors to install them for you. Let us tell you all about the process by calling us at (510) 796-0100 or visiting us at 5588 Central Ave #A, Newark, CA 94560 today.