The 4 Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make Regarding Their Windows

Becoming a homeowner is exciting, isn’t it? Finally, you get to make all the decisions: what wall color to choose, when to build a deck or pour cement for a patio, and which windows to upgrade and replace. And, here in Pleasanton, CA, there is so much vibrancy and scenery to draw from and bring into the design of your home!

But, sometimes homeowners in this area get a little too excited when it comes to upgrading. That is to say, they sometimes bite off a bigger project than they can chew. Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we like to give the best advice, so the residents here know exactly what to do with regard to a window replacement project—keep reading if yours is soon to be underway!


  1. Choosing the wrong windows to replace the old
    Store-bought, off-brand windows are one of the worst selections a homeowner can make. For starters, most homeowners don’t know what to look for, specifically, in a window without some guidance. Further, standard size and shape windows are often ill-fitted for a home with irregular or unique designs; you may not have the option to choose windows that match one another.
  2. Replacing your windows without a professional
    NOT. DO. THIS. You can wrack up a bigger bill by making small errors and reacting to your own amateur workmanship than you would spend on a professional installer. There is so much more to replacing windows than choosing the right size frame to fit the opening in the wall. Further, a professional’s work will be insured—yours will not.
  3. Making decisions based on cost alone
    Of course, you need to work within your personal budget. So, if you have to wait a little longer in order to save and prepare, do it. When you are ready, our professionals will help you work within your budget to find the best course of action. This could mean doing one section or level of your home at a time—essentially working in phases—or choosing a mid-range (and quality) brand with warranties.
  4. Failing to consider your geographical location
    It’s important to be mindful of the best windows for the climate you live in. Here in Livermore, we are close to water and humidity can run high for extended periods of the year. Though there are fantastic wood frame options that will stand-up to our climate, you may want to look into vinyl options as well—which fare well in wet climates.

We hope you learned a couple things from this article and we hope to meet you really soon! Come visit our showroom here in Newark and let our staff show you budget-friendly, quality, BEAUTIFUL options that work well for our climate. Remember: it’s ok to get excited! Being a homeowner is a lot of fun—and  a lot of work! Let our team take some of that workload off of you!

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