4 Tips for Renovating a Small Space

The notion of “small living” has swept the nation in the last 5-10 years due to major economic shifts. Further, at least in my experience, I’ve noticed so many homeowners moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle—which, of course, includes living with less space, fewer bills, and smaller incomes. Especially here on the West Coast (I’m in Pleasanton, CA), there is a tangible culture change: living well means living well within personal means.

I say all of this to say, I get really excited about helping others learn to live in smaller spaces with less overhead. The hurdle is, however, convincing the masses that smaller living is not as sacrificial as one may guess. Alas, I tackle one hurdle at a time and, today, I’d like to address 4 Tips for Renovating a Small Space:

  1. Focus on function
    Function depends heavily on a logical layout. Your small home needs to work for you and not against Identify your spatial needs and your everyday lifestyle: what rooms do you use most? Where do you prefer to spend most of your time and how? Do you prefer to invite friends and family over for regular gatherings or to go out? This will guide you in developing a plan for your space. Examples:
  • Most time spent in the kitchen: if this is true for you, this should be the biggest room in the house and/or should be open to the shared spaces. You can add vertical shelving and extra seating (like padded benches and foldaway chairs). Be sure to maximize the counter space and seek a professional to assist you with the right layout.
  • Prefer to entertain/invite over regular guests: focus on your outdoor space! A cozy picnic table and fire pit is always a big hit.

  1. Build in storage everywhere
    The more organized you can make your small space, the bigger it’ll feel. Drawers under the couch, built-in bookshelves, ottomans with hidden compartments, decorative trunks, and stylish baskets for blankets, towels, and shared items are great ideas.

  2. Let in the light
    Natural light always makes a room feel larger. The more connected you are with the outdoors, the better. And R&M Quality Windows & Doors can help you with this! Here are just a few ideas:
  • Lowered windowsill heights (below hip-level) allow in more light and expand sightlines past the interior. You feel outdoors with windows that reach above your head and below your waist.
  • Exchange outdated windows for the largest replacement windows you can afford. Any style will work (casement, slider, double-hung, etc.)! The key is to draw a strong connection between the inside and outside world—which makes for comfortable and enjoyable small living.
  1. Free your floorplan
    The fewer hallways and sectioned-off rooms, the better. You see, with small spaces in particular, hallways, stairwells, and walkways can feel cumbersome and box you in. Remove any walls you don’t need and open up enclosed stairwells with stylish handrails instead of sheetrock.

Living well within your means and learning to live “smaller” is such a cool endeavor! Bravo! Remember: keep the focus on function, organization, natural light, and an open concept. And, give the team at R&M Quality Windows & Doors the opportunity to brighten your space!

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