5 Tips for Installing Replacement Windows in the Winter

Installing new windows in the wintertime can be a tall task in a state like Minnesota or Michigan. It gets so cold in those states in the winter that the temperature can really take a toll on a home if you leave it exposed to the elements for too long. The temperature doesn’t get that cold in a place like Pleasanton, CA. But it can dip down into the 30s at times, which can make it slightly more difficult than usual for homeowners to install replacement windows in Pleasanton, CA. Are you thinking about trying to do it this winter? Here are 5 tips that should help.

Call on an experienced window installation company to put your new windows into place.

First things first: If you’re going to install new Pleasanton, CA windows in the winter, do it through a window installation company that’s done it before. Look for an experienced company that’s not afraid of a winter window installation. They shouldn’t be apprehensive at all about installing windows in the winter. They should put your mind at ease and tell you that you don’t have anything to worry about while installing replacement windows in the winter.

Try to schedule your window installation on a day when it’s not too cold out.

Most window companies aren’t too busy in the winter. It tends to be one of the slower times of year for them. As a result, you can probably pick and choose which day or days you want to do your window installation. If you can swing it, it’s smart to try and schedule your window installation to start on a day when the temperature is going to be mild. That’ll give your window installers ideal temperatures to work in.

Make sure your home is ready for window installation when your installers arrive.

There are some steps you can take to prepare your home for new window installation prior to the arrival of your installers. You can clean up any debris located around the outside of your home so your installers don’t have any issues walking around and accessing your windows. You can also clean up any furniture or clutter around the windows inside your home. This will prevent you from having to waste time doing it later.

Close the doors in the rooms where your window installers are working.

When window installers are working in, say, one of your upstairs bedrooms, you should close the door to that bedroom to limit the amount of cold air from outside that’s able to get into the rest of your home. It won’t seal the rest of your house off from the cold air completely. But it will work wonders when it comes to stopping most of the cold air from working its way throughout your house and bringing the temperature down.

Ask your installers if there is anything you can do to move the window installation process along.

There might be little things that you can do during your window installation to make life easier on your installers. Something as simple as clearing paths from your front door to the various rooms throughout your home can make a big difference in how long your window installation takes. You, of course, don’t have to offer to help your installers. But it could speed up your window installation job and allow your installers to get out of your home sooner.

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