5 Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Your Home!

Farmhouse décor and interior design are more than just a passing trend—this style is a timeless, gorgeous, homey direction to go with your Newark, CA, house. Countless homeowners all across the country are looking to achieve this style in their homes; something understated, pre-turn of the century, with a huge porch and picket fence and shiplap—the whole shebang.

Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we really do understand! Since 1994, we have worked to provide the home transformations of our neighbors’ dreams. And, we love the farmhouse look for many reasons! Keep reading to learn a few tricks from our experts about things you can do on your own and in partnership with us to bring the farm look to you!

  1. Beadboard
    This architectural feature—whether you choose to have your kitchen cabinets replaced with it, or the bathroom ceiling—is an instant “farmhouse” giveaway. Paint it cream, light blue, or a mint green!
  2. Open Shelves
    I know the natural trepidation with open shelving anywhere in your home sounds a bit like this: “open shelves… so, I have to be totally organized so others aren’t appalled at what I usually hide behind my cabinets?!” Okay, yes and no. Keep in mind we are not suggesting floor-to-ceiling opening shelves in your kitchen. But, one or two over a small niche in the corner with your matching dishware (used when you have company) stacked neatly looks beautiful! Or, use these shelves as the designated spot for your jars of sugar, flour, lentils, sunflower seeds, etc.
  3. Farmhouse Sink
    We would be amiss if we failed to mention this detail. Your kitchen simply isn’t a farmhouse kitchen without this throw-back sink. Also known as an apron sink, it is ceramic and undivided—a single bowl. There are some manufacturers rolling out double-bowls, now, too. Not a fan of ceramic? Look for hand-hammered copper sinks!
  4. White on White on White on White
    There’s no way around this farmhouse detail—white and shades of white are part of the perfect farmhouse charm. Hang white coffee mugs above your kitchen counter near the coffee pot. Line white frames along your fireplace of varying shapes and sizes with family photos. Add white vases along windowsills and atop side tables, wherever convenient. White pitchers filled with greenery are nice touches, too.
  5. Windows—think “vinyl”
    Farmhouse windows are all about style and placement—you can opt for any material, as long as you have these two things down. Here at R&M, we often encourage our budget-minded customers to check out our vinyl window options. They are every bit as beautiful as many different wood species, competitive performance, but a fraction of the cost. Focus on single- and double-hung, bay, and awning styles.

Our team would love to assist you in converting your home to the farmhouse style you dream to have! Give R&M Quality Windows & Doors a call today!

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