6 Signs That Show It’s Time to Install Replacement Windows

You spend a lot of time looking at and through your windows over the course of a day. You probably look at and through your windows so much that you might not even realize that it could be time to install replacement windows in Union City, CA in place of your old windows. Luckily, there are some pretty clear-cut signs that’ll let you know window replacement is going to need to take place in the near future. Take a look at 6 of those signs below.

replacement windows in Union City, CA

Your windows are making your house look old.

From the inside looking out, your Union City, CA windows might look just fine. But from the outside looking in, you might be able to spot the problem. Older windows have a way of making homes feel, well, old. It’s amazing how much more modern a home will look once homeowners make the push to replace their old windows with new ones.

Your windows aren’t energy efficient at all.

Does it feel like you’re spending more and more money on your energy bills every month? Blame your old windows! These windows tend to allow air to pass freely between the inside and outside of your home, which can put a big strain on your home’s HVAC system. If you’re tired of paying an arm and a leg for energy, think about how much money you might save with new windows.

Your windows are hurting your home’s security.

Do a lot of your home’s current windows have broken locks on them? The hardware on windows will often break down over time and stop working the way it should. Broken locks can drag down the security of your home and make it way too easy for someone to break right in. Installing replacement windows will make your home look and feel secure again.

Your windows are difficult to operate.

If you use up a significant amount of energy to open and close your windows, that’s a problem! You really should be able to open and close windows with just one or two fingers. Many old windows will start to get stuck and be difficult to operate as they get up there in age. Replacing your windows will be the only way to get them working the way they should again.

Your windows are taking a toll on your views.

Are your windows hurting the views that you used to have from inside your home? Far too many homeowners aren’t able to take full advantage of their great views due to older windows. You can try to clean these windows and make them sparkle. But once they hit a certain point, it can be almost impossible to get the same views as you used to through your old windows.

Your windows are more than 20 years old.

Can your home’s windows legally walk into a bar and grab a drink? This might be the most obvious sign that they need to be removed from your home and replaced. Although some windows will last for upwards of 30, 40, or even 50 years, many older windows start to conk out at around the 20-year mark. Do the math to see if you have anything to worry about with regards to your windows.

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