A Closer Look at Fiberglass Windows


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There are several different options when it comes to materials for window frames. Your main choices are wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. You can find each type at your provider of new or replacement windows near Dublin, CA. While each one has its own benefits, fiberglass is one of the most resilient and long-lasting materials out there.

The manufacturing process of fiberglass is the reason why it is such a durable material. It’s made with polyester resins, which are pulled through a heated die, and applied to fibers or strands of glass. The resulting product can be molded into any shape or form, and it is then cured, becoming a very strong material. Because of the way it is made, it can be formed into any shape or texture, and you can even find very convincing wood-like textures. These can be painted and made to look like real wood, without the risk of warping and moisture-caused deterioration that wood can suffer from.

Another benefit of fiberglass windows is their longevity and resistance to wear and tear. They will last for a long time without warping or changing shape, both of which can affect the window’s efficiency and seal over time. When a window no longer properly seals or it becomes warped, it often will not function as well as it should. It may either let in drafts in the winter, or it might become difficult to open or close. You will not run into these issues with fiberglass windows. That means that your increased energy efficiency will last for a long time, and your savings over the years on heating and cooling bills will add up.


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In addition to the ability to use a texture with fiberglass by creating realistic wood-like textures, there are other aesthetic benefits to it as well. Due to its tough and resilient nature, fiberglass frames can be made thinner than vinyl, resulting in a more low-profile window frame, and leaving more room for glass, meaning more light can come through. Additionally, fiberglass windows come in a wide variety of colors. Even better – you can paint fiberglass window frames as easily as you can paint wood, so the customization options are endless. It’s not hard to see why fiberglass is becoming a more popular option when it comes to window framing materials.

When it comes to pricing, fiberglass generally falls in the range between vinyl and wood. They tend to be more expensive than vinyl, but they are generally a lower price than buying wood or wood-clad windows. Many people find that it’s worth paying the price for these durable and long-lasting windows that can be customized to perfectly match the rest of your home. Fiberglass replacement windows near Dublin, CA, are an excellent investment, and you’ll notice the savings in your heating and cooling bills immediately. If it’s time for you to start replacing the windows in your home, or you’re looking to build a home and need to choose a window material, you may want to consider fiberglass windows.