Are Clad Wood Frames Worth the Cost?

While windows serve many functional purposes as part of a house, they also have aesthetic value. Vinyl and fiberglass windows are increasing in popularity, due to their lower cost and durability. However, there is still a major market for wooden window frames. They make them now with cladding, which helps protect the wood and makes it last longer. When you’re shopping for replacement windows near Dublin, CA, take some time to look at all your options before you make a decision.


Wood frames are beautiful and classic in appearance. They are endlessly customizable and can be painted any color under the sun. If you have an older house and you’re interested in maintaining its style when you’re making updates, you will probably want to consider clad wood windows. Wooden frames have been used to make windows for many centuries. For a long time, technology didn’t change. While wooden frames make high-quality windows, they are subject to warping and wear over time. Changes in temperature and exposure to the elements can compromise the wood’s quality over time. This results in windows that can no longer keep moisture out, and it lessens their ability to insulate the inside of your home, as well.


replacement windows near Dublin, CANowadays, when you purchase windows with wooden frames, you will likely find that they add cladding to the outside part of the window. Cladding is basically a protective material that covers the exterior wood of the window frame. From the inside of your home, the classic wood appearance is maintained. From the outside, the cladding will make it look slightly different, but it serves a very useful purpose. Because of the cladding, the wood is protected from extreme temperatures and the outside elements. This increases the lifespan of the window frames significantly. That means that your investment will last much longer, and it was keeping your home protected for a long time.


Clad wood frames are probably the priciest option that’s available. It’s definitely a major investment to make, and not everyone will be able to take on that kind of cost. However, if you have the budget for it and the desire to have wooden window frames, then it’s certainly worth the investment. Your home will maintain its original appearance and style, but you can greatly improve its efficiency and functionality with clad wood windows.


Making major changes and updates to your home is not a decision to be made lightly. You will need to look at all the choices that are available, and weigh your options wisely. If you want more advice or to find out an estimate on getting replacement windows near Dublin, CA, don’t hesitate to call your local installer. They will come to your home and give you a free estimate. They can look at your existing windows and help you make a smart decision when it comes to what kind of materials to choose for your new ones. If wood windows are a must for you and your home, then they can help get you started with the process of having them replaced. Then, you can sit back and enjoy your new windows for years to come.