Are Vinyl Windows for Me?

Making decisions regarding upgrades to your home is not the easiest. What colors should I use? What materials will work best? How do I form a budget for my renovations? These kinds of questions are weighted; they depend on so many factors it can make your head spin!

Personally, for the big decisions in life, I tend to subscribe to a systematic process of elimination. I make a list of manageable tasks/processes, and I knock ‘em out! So, for a project like a whole-home window replacement, for example, I look at a small decision first and then expand.

There are three major categories of windows to consider: material, color, and budget. My advice to you (as a long-time expert here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors) is to set color and budget aside (just for now!) and focus on the material. Every window type comes in a range of colors and budget—you just need to choose an avenue.

Ok, we’ve funneled our attention to one category. Now, let’s choose from the common window materials and funnel our focus a bit more:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

This list can feel overwhelming—let’s break it down. Focus on one material and work through it. First up: Vinyl.

Vinyl Windows—are these for you?
Now, we’ve arrived at a manageable, systematic item to unpack: vinyl windows. What is there to know and will these work for your Dublin, CA, home? Pay attention to the following mini-categories! And, if all checks out—your decision-making is complete!

  • Environmentally friendliness: HIGH.
    Being good to Mother Earth is high on many homeowner’s priority lists. Vinyl windows outlast most other window materials on the market and are completely recyclable.
  • Affordability: GREAT.
    Vinyl windows are known for their affordability. You can get the desired look and quality you want, for much less.
  • Durability: HIGH.
    Vinyl windows will outlast others. They are fade-resistant and chip-resistant. They will not rust, pit, rot, or warp!
  • Maintenance required: LOW.
    With other window materials comes a bit of upkeep. With vinyl, however, you are looking at very minimal effort to keep them looking like new. A couple times a year you can take mild soap and water to the frames to shine them up and keep them looking beautiful. Because vinyl holds its color and texture well, you will never need to repaint, re-stain, sand, or buff.
  • Compatibility: GOOD.
    There are some home styles which require specific windows—but very few. For example, if you own a historic building, vinyl windows will likely not be your first choice (as the integrity of the building and its unique historic features need to be honored). But, virtually any other home style is the perfect structure for vinyl window replacements! They come in various styles and colors, wood grain, etc.

Hope this helps! If you want to explore more options, use this little guide as your rubric for mini-categories or research to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed! Also, come visit the pros here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors and we’ll help keep you on track, stress-free, and on your way to new replacement windows soon!

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