Beach House Reno

Here in Dublin, CA, the “beach house” is a common sighting. If you live here, you know how sunny and beautiful it is most of the year. I love it here! That said, if you are you looking for renovation ideas for yours—we want to help!

You see, our professionals at R&M Quality Windows & Doors know a thing or two about the Californian style and how to bring it to life in any structure. Keep reading for a few tips we’ve gathered just for you—the Beach House Lover!

Ask the right questions
First, let’s start at the beginning: your overall goal. Questions to ask yourself which will help you decide this are:

  • How can I reinvent this space?
  • How do we maximize the indoor/outdoor connection?
  • What can we add to elevate the ambiance of this home?
  • What good features do I already have that should be highlighted, rather than replaced?

From these few questions, you will arrive at a starting place. Then, the fun begins! Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  1. Materials matter
    Here in the San Francisco Bay area, our home’s need materials which can withstand sun, salt, sand, and wind. So, whatever renovations you have planned for your home, be sure the materials are cut out for our weather! Here are just a few time-tested examples:

    • Vinyl windows: this material is particularly durable for coastal homes (like ours here in Dublin, CA). Vinyl frames have improved massively over the last 10-20 years and are, now, a comparable (and often superior) option to wood, fiberglass, and aluminum frames. What they’re known for, however, is toughness—they do not rust, fade, corrode, or deteriorate from the harshness of wind, rain, and salty air.
    • Copper roof, lighting, exterior fixtures, and hardware: this material is a beach house champion.
    • Stucco masonry for exterior walls: a great house siding choice for longevity. Plus, that stucco look is quite popular in this region.
  2. Ventilation
    You want to find ways to keep the air moving. Here are a few examples:

    • Long center hallways with doors at either end
    • Add a porch to two or more sides of the house (this serves as a large awning to keep direct sunlight from warming-up the rooms)
    • Large (vinyl) windows in common area with durable screens to allow for beach breezes to cool the indoors
  3. Laundry room considerations for ultimate house-wide floor protection
    Laundry rooms which open to the outside are the perfect “drop zone” for trailed-in sand, and salt water. Consider connecting yours to an entry/exit to the garage or backyard. Even better, if possible, connecting a laundry room to a full bathroom with a shower is a kid-friendly (and surfer-friendly) solution to protecting your floors from harsh debris. Think about it: you can change, hang towels, shower, and begin a load of laundry without tracking a mess throughout the house and onto the furniture.

For more renovation ideas like these, come visit our team here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors. We would love to meet with you for a free in-home estimate on your windows (and doors!) and help you plan for the beach house renovation you want!

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