Choosey Homeowner Choose Vinyl Windows from R & M

There all kinds of homeowners here in Dublin, CA. There those who prefer to keep to themselves and those who host and entertain every weekend. There those with kids and those who prefer pets. We’re all pretty different. And, while vinyl windows may be just right for your neighbor, they just may not be for […]

2018 Goals: My California Home

It is a little cliché to make a New Year’s Resolution, I know. But, there can be good in doing so, especially for a procrastinator like myself. A resolution gives me a timeline and, usually, that holds me to it. This New Year’s Eve, I had resolved to address an item in my Livermore, CA, […]

Rebuilding After the Fire

I’ve lived my whole life in California. The fires that rage during fire season have somehow never affected me directly. Like most in the US, I have witnessed the fires on the news each year and thanked God my home wasn’t one of the countless affected. Many years I have watched the red horizon and […]

Replace My Windows, Replace My Stress!

A month ago, my husband and I had it out. There was this dramatic argument—you know, the kind about nothing, really. He was annoyed by me and I was irritated with him and there was no real reason for us to be arguing like teenagers, but we did it anyway. The next day, we figured […]

My Favorite Parts of Home

When I’m at home, I like to cozy up with a fluffy blanket and a hot tea—even in the summertime; I keep my air cold. I’ll sit there for an hour or more, just gazing out my window at the birds flitting about in the bushes my dad put in for me last year. There’s […]

Luxury Home are Choosing Vinyl Windows

Do you want your house to stand out from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood? We do, too! Here at R&M Quality Window & Door, our team loves to help families in the Dublin, CA area transform their homes from “good” to “unique, stand-out, stunning!” How do we do this? With beautiful, quality, […]

Not Your Mother’s Vinyl Windows

My mom and I are the same in almost every way. We have the same laugh, the same hair color, the same hands… We like spicy food and don’t eat a lot of meat (except for holidays!). Both my mom and I have olive skin and dark eyes and we prefer to be spontaneous rather […]

Project: Window Replacement.. Goal: Success!

I don’t know about you—but I did not inherit the do-it-yourself gene. My mom has this lovely DIY knack; everything she touches is beautiful. She can look at GARBAGE and reinvent it to be museum-worthy and no amount of cracked siding, broken windows, or fading deck board troubles her. She loves to “make things new,” […]

Are Vinyl Windows the Right Choice for My Livemore Home?

In today’s market, vinyl windows represent the biggest section of window replacement. Why is this? Well, there are a handful of reasons for this—let’s check them out: Vinyl can be extruded This is an important characteristic to note. Basically, this means the vinyl material has been shaped and reformed into a frame made of complex […]

Are Vinyl Windows for Me?

Making decisions regarding upgrades to your home is not the easiest. What colors should I use? What materials will work best? How do I form a budget for my renovations? These kinds of questions are weighted; they depend on so many factors it can make your head spin! Personally, for the big decisions in life, […]

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