How I Changed MY Ugly Home Into a Beautiful One

When I refer to how my home once was, I would truly describe it as ugly. I mean, sure—it was fine. It wasn’t dilapidated or gross, but it really was an eyesore. In fact, it stood out in the neighborhood. The homes around me are much, much newer; better entries, better windows, beautiful entry doors… Mine was plain.

I bought this house here in Pleasanton, CA, because it was a steal. The price-point was right, it was a short sale and came “as is.” Needless to say, I knew what I was getting into: a fixer-upper. Luckily, there aren’t any issues with the foundation or HVAC, so my immediate projects really only had to do with the exterior, the windows, and the front and back doors. Here’s how I made my fixer-upper beautiful:

I called R&M Quality Windows & Doors. They’ve been a staple in this community for many years. They’re known for their design expertise, their non-salesy approach to assisting customers, and their unbeatable products. Essentially, I only need help with my windows and doors, so I brought them in on the planning right away. First, I visited the showroom not far from here in Newark. I explained my goals, my budget, and my vision for the house. My R&M professional was as excited as I was, and we got to work immediately, brainstorming and looking at various window replacement options.

A week later, we had an in-home assessment and it was then we discussed ideas for my front door. We both agreed an arched Mediterranean-esque door would be perfect. My back door which leads to a small porch was falling apart, so we added that to the list, too. I showed him which windows I wanted to be replaced and where in the master bedroom I wanted to add more casement windows and a skylight.

In the end, here’s what R&M did:

  • Replaced all the single-hung windows on the main floor with double-hung windows
  • Added casement windows on the Eastern wall of the master bedroom for added morning lighting
  • Added a skylight in the master bathroom—before, it had no windows for natural lighting at all!
  • Replaced my tiny front door with an arched, Mediterranean door in a deep red (like I’ve always wanted!) with sidelights on both sides
  • A beautiful sliding glass door for the back porch (small enough to work perfectly for my space!)

Beyond co-designing with my R&M professionals, all I had to do was pick the right paint color for the exterior. I choose a smoky gray. It looks gorgeous with my new front door!

Listen, if yours is an “ugly house,” you are only a few buckets of paint and a phone call away from transforming it into a beautiful home! Give R&M Quality Windows & Doors a call, like I did. You will love the results!

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