Choosey Homeowner Choose Vinyl Windows from R & M

There all kinds of homeowners here in Dublin, CA. There those who prefer to keep to themselves and those who host and entertain every weekend. There those with kids and those who prefer pets. We’re all pretty different. And, while vinyl windows may be just right for your neighbor, they just may not be for you! When the time comes to replace your home windows, do you know what you prefer? Will you love vinyl windows or do you prefer real wood or some other material? Not sure? That’s ok! Let’s look at this list provided to you by the team at R&M Quality Windows & Doors to see how vinyl windows fit (or don’t fit) in your unique home!

The price is right
If price is at the top of your consciousness, vinyl is the best material option for your wallet. And, you don’t have to sacrifice performance, operability, look, style options, or longevity. Vinyl windows from R&M will provide your space the look and comfort you want. How do they remain the most affordable on the market? Simply, they are easy to manufacture!

Thermal performance
It is true that windows produced these days from reputable manufacturers are pretty well equipped for inclement weather and extreme temps. Some, though, are better than others. What you want is to choose an option that allows you to customize to your liking. For example, in exceptionally hot or cold climates (we experience the former here in California often enough!), you can opt for double- or triple-pane glass with Argon or Krypton gas to resist conditioned air loss. Yes, this option is available with vinyl windows (as are others!).

Strong enough to weather the weather, plus…
Vinyl was made to combat all sorts of harshness from our environment. Bring on the rain! Bring on the intense sunrays! This material will not fade, peel, chip, rot, warp, or crack!

Maintenance-free (almost)
Vinyl windows are easily the lowest-maintenance option you can choose. All you need is a touch of soapy water once in a while and your windows will beam like they are brand new again. You do not have to worry or budget for future paint, repaint, stain, sanding or any of that! For the busy family, this is a gift!

Not all vinyl windows are created equal
Now, we’ve given you some great reasons choosey homeowners choose vinyl windows—but let’s look at why they choose them through R&M. This team of professionals has a combined 40+ years of experience in the industry. R&M offers the absolute best products—names you know—and we work very hard to match your needs with our products and services. We recognize that not all windows work for everyone; we look to individualize you, your home, and your family’s needs.

Are you a choosey homeowner? If so, come visit us here at R&M Quality Windows & Doorswe would love to show you our vinyl window options and help you with your next project!

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