Creating a Home Office You Can Use Effectively!

More and more people these days are working from home. Is this true for you? It is for me. You see, I started working from home about three years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. It did, however, come with a few hiccups—all of which I addressed with a few tips from a friend that I found to be very helpful.

In the year 2018, many homeowners are now opting to create an in-home office to support this work trend, just as I did. And, if you’re soon to join this working-class demographic, maybe it’s time to create for yourself a space more conducive to getting some real work done, too!

Here are 3 Tips to Create the Most Conducive At-Home Workspace:

  1. Invest in suitable furniture
    Sitting on the couch with a laptop in your lap while the little ones watch their 37th round of Bubble Guppies is not a great situation. You need a clear workspace, free of distractions. This includes space enough for:
  • Computer hardware, screen, and keyboard
  • A designated spot for reference material (whatever this means for your business)
  • File space
  • Telephone
  • Printer
  • Supplies

Obviously, this list demands desk space and some shelves or addition drawers/filing set. Further, your desk chair should be ergonomic, so hours spent at your desk don’t hurt you! Takeaway: you need a spacious desk, good storage, and a comfortable seat.

  1. You don’t have to “go big”

I’ve seen incredible home offices in very small spaces that are quite effective. If your Livermore, CA, home isn’t large (ours isn’t)—that’s ok! Look around your house and all its spaces. Is there a corner of a guest room that can double as an office? What about a space in your kitchen along the wall, near a window? Again, all you need is the right chair, a desk, and a bit of storage space. Takeaway: as long as you designate a spot that is relatively quiet most of the day, you will gain efficiency.

  1. Natural light
    Before I began working from home, a friend of mine encouraged me to “set up my office space near a window.” Apparently, natural light has a strong positive impact on the health and productivity of office workers. In fact, there are countless studies that have concluded this finding. In my situation, the small room I had designated for my at-home office (a small den off our living room) had only one tiny window. To change this, my husband and I reached out to the local professionals at R&M Quality Windows & Doors to install two large, vinyl double-hung windows in the den and add pocket doors bewteen the den and living room so I could have real peace and quiet. Takeaway: natural light is needed for the most optimal office work conditions.

I hope these tips help you! And, I wish you luck as you transition to working from home. Remember: the right furniture in a quiet, well-lit space will make a world of difference. And, if you need windows added to your space, give R&M Quality Windows & Doors a call!

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