Dangers Posed by Moisture in Your Home

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Owning a home comes with constant projects, improvements, and maintenance. Your windows are one of the most important structural parts of your home, and they need to be maintained with care just like everything else. If you notice that moisture is building up in or around your windows, you may need to consider getting replacement windows near Livermore, CA. Allowing moisture to build up can cause a number of problems which should be avoided at all costs.

One of the biggest dangers that moisture buildup can cause in your home has to do with you and your family’s health, which is top priority for most people. If moisture is allowed to reside in your home, then mold and mildew will inevitably be able to grow there. Mold and mildew pose many risks to health, especially depending on what kind you have. If it is the milder forms of mold and mildew, you and your family could still be at risk of allergic reactions, or respiratory issues. These are not something you want to risk dealing with, especially within your own home. If more dangerous forms, like black mold, are able to grow, then you are facing much more serious health consequences. While you can remove the mold using cleaners or bleach, unless the source of the moisture is eliminated, the mold and mildew will always return.

In addition to the health risks that mold and mildew pose, they can also put your belongings at risk of damage over time. Rugs, furniture, and more can suffer considerable damage if mold or mildew is allowed to flourish on their surfaces. This also includes the interior of your home’s structure, which is a great place for mold to hide and grow without you ever knowing. That’s why it is important to check your windows for moisture, and address the issue as soon as possible if you notice anything awry.

Windows that no longer have their original seal put your home at risk for moisture buildup. Sometimes you can see moisture collecting between the panes of glass, and other times you might notice a filmy buildup around the window panes on the interior of your home. Both of these are signs that your windows are no longer functioning as they should, and they can also serve as warning signs of what might happen if you don’t address the issue.

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If you notice mildew growing, mold, or moisture in your home, you should try to find out where the moisture is entering your home. If your windows are old and drafty, chances are they are the culprit. In this situation, you are likely facing getting replacement windows near Livermore, CA. It’s important to take care of this as soon as possible, otherwise you are putting your family, your pets, and your belongings at risk. Ask your installer about more information as to how moisture buildup can damage your home, and request a free in-home consultation to find out more about getting replacement windows. Once you have made the choice to make this improvement, you and your family can breathe easier knowing the air in your home is clean and free of mildew or mold.