Dispelling the Myths about Vinyl Windows

If you are in the market for new replacement windows for your home, chances are good you have come across information regarding vinyl windows. This material was new in the 1970s and has received a lot of attention—good and bad. The mixed reviews can be confusing and overwhelming for a homeowner looking to make decisions for their home. So, the pros here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors want to help filter out the true info from the false info for you! Keep reading!

Myth #1: Vinyl windows are affordable because they are “low quality”
It’s natural to feel suspicious of any product that costs less than similar, competitive products; what, with all we deal with trying to purchase a quality vehicle from questionable salespeople and the competitive housing market… Though, when it comes to windows, affordability doesn’t always mean “cheap!” Many windows are sold at higher price-points based on their aesthetic appeal or current home décor trends. Vinyl windows were brought about to provide homeowners an economical option without sacrificing quality.

Myth #2: Vinyl windows only come in one or two hues
Though this may have been true in decades past, this is no longer true today. Because of their rising popularity among the middle class, there are just as many colors among vinyl window options these days as there are any other window. In fact, there are—now—wood grain options!

Myth #3: Vinyl windows are high-maintenance
Honestly, we have no idea where this myth came from! Other materials, such as wood, for example, require peeling, sanding, painting, and re-staining… Fortunately for homeowners who choose vinyl windows, none of this applies! Seriously, homeowners in Dublin, CA, only need to give their vinyl windows an occasional wash with soap and water to make them gleam like new again.

Myth #4: Vinyl windows are not durable
Vinyl windows are lightweight… but this is not synonymous with frail! In truth, vinyl windows are great for withstanding the elements. They won’t warp, rot, rust, or fade!

Myth #5: Vinyl windows are poor insulators
Not true. Vinyl windows are excellent for keeping your home warm during the cold months and cool during the warm months. Combine vinyl windows with low-E glass, and your HVAC system will thank you! Of course, these days, everyone is looking for thermally sound windows and doors because it helps you save money on your utility bills. Vinyl windows are a great solution!

Now that we’ve debunked these myths, feel free to call or stop by R&M Quality Windows & Doors to meet with our experts and check out our vinyl window options for your home! You can’t go wrong! We have every style and countless colors and customizations so you get the exact look you want. Here at R&M, we only provide quality products! Your home will be stunning and energy efficient in no time!

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