Why I Finally Decided to Declutter My Life

Tiny houses and “living small” is a very palpable movement across the US these days. And, it’s with good reason. There’s now science behind the positivity of “shrinking down” your lifestyle and testimonies of homeowners who have done so. Now, I know living in a tiny house is not for everyone—myself included. But, paring down the “stuff” of our lives, is.

I live in Pleasanton, CA, and the “living small” ideas float all around me in my everyday life. Even though I resisted it for a while, I have to say that I am glad to have adopted a new mindset about living freer. Admittedly, choosing to pair-down the “stuff” in my life didn’t actually go into effect until I had to allow a stranger in my home. I’ll explain.

Late last year it came to my attention that my windows needed replacing. I noticed my energy bills were climbing, a couple of the bedrooms felt drafty, and there seemed to be some rot that had begun on the exterior of a few frames. So, I called R&M Quality Windows & Doors not too far from here to set up an in-home consultation. That’s approximately when the panic set in. A stranger was about to see my clutter and further, I was going to have to move a lot of it out of the way for the installation process.

This got me thinking—why do I have all this STUFF? I mean, there are books everywhere—most of which, I’ll never read. There are clothes I wouldn’t be caught dead in, old artwork I don’t even care about. Boxes of items I haven’t seen in years stowed away in the storage room, and more coffee mugs and cooking utensils than three families—not just my one family—could ever need.

To make a long story short, I set my appointment out a few weeks so I could do something about my clutter. In the process of bagging, donating, throwing away, and selling easily 13 trash bags and 7 large totes of items, I discovered a few things:

  • The house feels calmer. There is just less chaos encircling me. It feels lighter.
  • I had a lot of good stuff someone else is going to be so happy to use.
  • There is, finally, zero embarrassment about welcoming anyone into my home.
  • I was a mini-hoarder and can proudly state that this is no longer my truth.

The consultation went well. I actually got compliments on my décor—which made me feel great. Within a few weeks, my new replacement windows were installed and there’s even more natural light flooding each room than before. I am thrilled with the professionalism and quality of the work I experienced with the pros at R&M Quality Windows & Doors. Further, I am grateful that working with them was the motivation behind getting me to do something about my clutter and embrace a simpler way of living. I encourage you to do the same!

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