How Moisture Can Affect Your Home and Health


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When moisture is able to enter your home because of old windows, it can begin to cause serious problems if not addressed. If you notice moisture between the panes of glass in your windows, or you see frost buildup inside during the winter, this is a definite sign that you need replacement windows near Dublin, CA. There are many risks that you take if you allow moisture to build up in your home, and it’s best to address the issue before it gets too bad.

The main issue that can occur with moisture buildup is mold. Mold is a fungus that grows in places where water is present. It will not grow if there is no moisture for it to feed on. Mold can cause many health issues, and it can destroy the objects that it grows on if left unchecked. Many people experience allergic reactions to mold. The symptoms can include sneezing, itchy skin, and reactions similar to hay-fever. These are uncomfortable at best, but prolonged exposure can lead to even more serious problems. Some types of molds emit toxins, which can cause severe problems with long-term exposure. Mildew is a similar fungus to mold, but it shows up as a thin white layer on top of the surface where it is growing. It can also cause symptoms that are similar to allergic reactions. When surfaces have mold or mildew buildup that is not addressed, they may become stained or ruined.

If you notice this buildup, it’s important to clean it up as soon as possible. More importantly, you must also address the source of the moisture buildup, in order to prevent the growth of more mold and mildew. If you notice the moisture around or inside your window panes, it’s likely due to a failing seal within your window. This can happen over time as changes in temperature cause the frame to grow and shrink, and the best way to address it is to replace the window.

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When you begin looking for window replacement options, make sure to consider the material that the frames are made from. Vinyl and fiberglass windows are excellent at preventing moisture from entering your home, and they provide great insulation as well. They can stand up to the elements and will last for a long time, nearly maintenance-free. If you want to maintain that classic wood style on your window frames, consider getting clad wood windows. These allow the wood frame to be exposed on the inside, but the cladding on the outside protects the wood and the interior of your home from the outside elements. Wood requires a little more maintenance than the other two options, but it can result in a beautiful addition to your home.

Ask your local installer of replacement windows near Dublin, CA, for more information about cleaning up and preventing moisture buildup from improperly sealed windows. They can provide an in-home consultation for free, and help you explore which materials and styles will be right for your home. Don’t let moisture, mold, and mildew affect your family and belongings for too long, make your appointment for new windows today.