How to Make Your Home’s Replacement Windows Last Longer

When you make the decision to have replacement windows in Livermore, CA installed in your home, you’re usually going to have to make a pretty big investment into them. Doing window replacement is one of the more expensive home improvement projects that you can take on. The good news is that your home’s new windows should last you for a long time once they’re in place, thus negating the need for you to replace them again anytime soon. But there are some steps you should think about taking to extend the life of your home’s new windows. Find out how to make replacement windows last long below. 


Begin by having them installed by a reputable window company. 

If you hire the wrong window company to install new Livermore, CA windows in your home, you’re going to get them off to a bad start. It won’t be long before you’ll need to arrange to have them repaired when you take that approach. Instead, you should find an experienced window company to lend a hand with your home’s new windows. They’ll make sure your windows are installed the right way and prevent them from breaking down on you faster than they should. 

replacement windows in Livermore, CA

Make sure that you put up window treatments over them. 

After your new windows have been put into place, one of the first things you’ll want to do is cover them up. That might seem a little bit counterproductive since your first instinct will be to show them off, but hear us out. By covering your windows with blinds, shades, or other window treatments, you can provide them with the protection they’ll need to stand up to almost anything. You won’t have to worry about a child or a pet accidentally breaking a window when you have them covered up to some degree. 


Take the time to clean your windows on a regular basis. 

One of the things you’re going to love so much about getting new windows is that they’ll be very easy to clean. Whether you go with vinyl, fiberglass, or wood-clad windows, you won’t need to do a whole lot to clean them. More often than not, you can get away with simply wiping them down with a microfiber cloth. That being said, you shouldn’t forget to take this simple step to clean your windows. It’ll prevent dirt, dust, and all kinds of other debris from sneaking inside your windows and doing damage to them. 

replacement windows in Livermore CA

Call on a window company to repair your windows as needed. 

As long as you do everything else that we’ve talked about here, you shouldn’t need to make any repairs to your home’s new windows anytime soon. But at some point, there are going to be issues with your windows. It’ll be your job to call on a window company to come out to your home to repair them. This will stop small problems from turning into big ones and ensure that your new windows last for a long time. 


When you do Livermore, CA window replacement through R & M Quality Windows & Doors, we’ll make sure you choose the right windows for your home. We’ll also make sure you know how to extend the life of your new windows once they’re all installed. Give us a call to discover why people have been turning to us for help with replacement windows for more than 25 years now.