Humble Beginnings: My Starter Home

The starter home—AKA, the first home you own—is the most exciting one. There is so much newness and such a sense of growth that goes one, especially in that first year or two. I remember the first two years in our very first home as a married couple: the space was small, it was plain, and it was a perfect house for us to make “ours.”

I say this to say that there was much to do. The day we closed on the house in Union City, CA, and got our key, I remember my husband and I standing in the empty living room looking around at what would be. We would soon have our belongings and we would, together, choose where they would go. I couldn’t wait to hang our wedding pictures on the walls near the fireplace and decide how to position the couch and loveseat and chairs.

Fast-forward a few months. My husband and I were settled into our space with all of our things. The pictures looked great on the wall and we had already painted the fireplace white to match the trim throughout the house. We fixed our attention upon an upgrade plan, and it would start with new windows.

A coworker of mine suggested we go visit R&M Quality Windows & Doors. So, we did. Oh, I was like a kid in a candy shop and my husband kept reigning me in (which was needed…). Eventually, I calmed down and we found ourselves making choices:

  • Double-hung or single-hung windows? We chose double-hung windows because they are more practical for airflow.
  • Vinyl or wood windows? We chose gorgeous, wood-like vinyl windows to in white frames to match the trim and fireplace. This was especially exciting for us, as the original windows were warping and were not the same color as the trim.
  • Picture window or casement windows in the living room? We chose I wanted windows in the living room which reminded me of my childhood home. I always loved watching Dad leave in the mornings and waving to him from the large window in the center of the room and awaiting Mom’s return from work in the evenings, after dinner. I wanted that nostalgia in our new place.
  • Sidelight windows next to the entry door or no? Yes! We definitely wanted to add natural light to the entryway ASAP; it was too dark and cramped feeling for our liking. My husband made a good point: coming home could not feel like entering a dark dungeon. Dramatic, but true. We definitely wanted a cheery entrance for our returns home and for welcoming guests.

I can’t begin to explain to you how transformative it was to revamp the windows with R&M Quality Windows & Doors for our humble little house. That home with its lovely vinyl windows and charm brought us so much happiness for many years. If you happen to be in your starter home, adorn your future memories with R&M’s windows. We’re grateful we did!

For details, you can check Union City, CA vinyl windows.

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