Know Your Window Replacement Options

When you decide the time is right to choose replacement windows in Pleasanton, CAfor your home and upgrade to newer, improved ones, the options can feel overwhelming. You may find yourself wondering what a double-hung window is or why bow windows seem so popular.

Deep breath. Before you dive in and make up your [confused] mind, it’s important to know what your options really are. Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we know how important it is for all homeowners to truly understand the Pleasanton, CA replacement windows they’re selecting. This ensures their choices are perfect complements to their home’s unique style and décor. So, how do you know? We’ll help. Read on.

A Quick Reference

Window styles vary greatly. Here are the styles you will encounter throughout your Pleasanton, CA replacement window search:

  • Double-hung: two sashes which slide up and down in the frame from either the top or the bottom.
  • Casement: hinged windows that operate by a turn-crank on the left or right.
  • Awning: like casement windows, these are hinged at the top and open outward; usually installed above, below or next to another window style.
  • Transom: positioned above a door or window to let in more light. Can be stationary or operable.
  • Picture: a large stationary window which lets in lots of natural light and allows clear, uninterrupted views.
  • Slider: glides horizontally on a track and has at least one moveable pane.
  • Bay or bow: both styles are utilized to add space and light. Comprised of at least three windows, some or all operable and configured in a curve, protruding from the exterior.
  • Stationary: does not open but can be custom-made in nearly any angle or shape. Their purpose is to enhance natural light.

Know Your Home

Your home is unique. Yes, your home is unique even if it’s one of only four floorplans in a Pleasanton neighborhood development. The way you’ve decorated and/or the options you chose when the home was built will play into your window replacement choices. For example, if your home has a lot of sleek, clean lines and simple decorations, be sure to choose windows which follow the same aesthetic parameters to match the rest of the house: slider, picture, or casement.

Functionality and Focus

Are you looking for the fresh air that an operable (openable) window offers? Or, are you looking to simply add natural light with fixed (stationary/picture) windows? Your needs will guide you toward one grouping over the other. Beyond functionality, replacement windows can be a great way to add a beautiful focal point in a room. For example, if you already have a large picture window in your living room, consider adding uniquely shaped transom windows above it and large casements beside it. Voila! A collection of lovely shapes, framing your outdoor surroundings.

If the time is right to begin your Pleasanton, CA replacement window project, let our team here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors be your trusted experts. We look forward to meeting you and helping you make improvements to your space! Give us a call at (510) 796.0100 or visit us at 5588 Central Ave. #A Newark, CA 94560.