Not Your Mother’s Vinyl Windows

My mom and I are the same in almost every way. We have the same laugh, the same hair color, the same hands… We like spicy food and don’t eat a lot of meat (except for holidays!). Both my mom and I have olive skin and dark eyes and we prefer to be spontaneous rather than plan everything out in an organized manner (this drives my dad nuts…).

So, when I bought my first home in Union City, CA, we went crazy with decorations and shopping and dishware. She helped me register for house-warming gifts and even assisted in convincing my husband to “come around to the idea of teal” in the bedroom. We’re two peas in a pod.

And then… we learned something. She was head-over-heels for the windows on the second floor. They were “rustic,” she said.

I hated them.

In fact, I don’t want “rustic” windows in any home I own. I couldn’t believe she liked them! And, they weren’t rustic—they were old and warped. I really didn’t want to keep them. After I finally convinced my mom that a modern look was the way to go (in keeping with the rest of the home), instead of a “rustic” look—she let me in on a little secret: R&M Quality Windows & Doors. Apparently, my family and extended family have been using R&M for a couple decades for any window or door upgrade and replacement project they’ve needed. The company has been around for over 20 years and has won the entire clan over (there are a lot of us).

I was quickly drawn toward R&M’s vinyl window selection and customization options. But, I was surprised by this. Once again, was I differing from my mom’s taste? Her wood windows are stunning. Oh, well. Vinyl is better on the budget, eco-friendly, physically lighter, fade-resistant, it doesn’t warp or rot and termites don’t like it. And, the best part? I don’t EVER have to paint or re-stain them. As much as I have enjoyed being a pea in a pod with my mom… I wanted the vinyl.

And, oh, you should have witnessed the process. The professionalism at R&M is unbeatable! They were patient and kind to me and answered every single question I threw at them. They were respectful of my time and budget and were forthcoming with every detail, every step of the way. Planning was a breeze. And the outcome: I have the most beautiful upstairs windows, now. I have warranties on everything and can confidently say that I know exactly where I’m referring everyone I know!

And, as it turns out, Mom and I aren’t so different. Those “wood” windows at her house aren’t wood; they’re vinyl windows from R&M. I’ve been fooled all these years! The wood grain and stain is unbelievably convincing!

Take it from us, R&M Quality Windows & Doors needs to be your go-to if you’re in the Union City area. Give them a call!

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