Project: Window Replacement.. Goal: Success!

I don’t know about you—but I did not inherit the do-it-yourself gene. My mom has this lovely DIY knack; everything she touches is beautiful. She can look at GARBAGE and reinvent it to be museum-worthy and no amount of cracked siding, broken windows, or fading deck board troubles her. She loves to “make things new,” as she says.

I don’t. I love to hire someone to “make things new.”

So, this past summer, when my home windows weren’t cutting it anymore—I did something about it. I called R&M Quality Windows & Doors (and didn’t tell my mom), so I could have my windows upgraded without breaking a sweat (or the bank!).

I really thought there would be more work involved on my end. But, the team there is like a well-oiled machine. All I had to concern myself with was colors, textures, and styles! They helped guide me through everything (all the while, minding my budget, respectfully!). Here’s what I chose:

The master bedroom
I have ALWAYS wanted a bow window with huge panes and space to set frames and books. Now, I have it. There’s something so comforting about having a nook for all my most treasured items to rest. Now, I have a small sitting area, my favorite wedding pictures, and my most precious family photos all on display.

The living room
When we first bought our home here in Pleasanton, CA, the entire eastern wall on the upper level had ZERO windows. I think it was a last-minute cost-cutting decision the previous owners made (no one would WANT to have a windowless wall, right?). Anyway, for years I’ve been waiting until our budget would allow me to have a giant picture window installed. Now, my living room is my favorite space. There are wall-to-wall windows and natural light. I got my giant window in the center of the wall, and we chose to flank it with two sizable casement windows, too. It’s so beautiful.

The kitchen
Ok, I know I said the living room is my favorite space… but, so is my kitchen! R&M installed a new sliding glass door off the dining room and replaced all the windows (over the sink, and beside the fridge) with stunning slider windows. I really never thought I’d love the look of a slider window so much—but the vinyl windows we chose match the wood grain and stain color of the new flooring we had put in last year—flawlessly. We could not be happier with the outcome.

Yes, my mom figured out I didn’t DIY my window replacement project… but, she was pleased with how it turned out! She has her way—and I have mine.

If you’re like me and the DIY gene skipped over you—give R&M Quality Windows & Doors a call. I am so pleased with their work, craftsmanship, and customer service. You will be, too!

For details, you can check Pleasanton, CA windows replacement.

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