Questions to Ask Your Window Replacement Company

replacement windows near Livermore, CA

If you’ve ever hired someone to do work on your home, you know how important it is to find a company you can trust. Your home is likely your biggest investment, and when you make improvements to it, you want to ensure that you’re receiving high-quality work. When you’re shopping around to find an installer for replacement windows near Livermore, CA, be sure to know what to look for. These are some questions you can ask to find out a little bit more about the people who might be working on your home.


What is your background and experience in window installation? A quality window installation company should have many combined years of experience within the industry. In addition to experience with window and door installation, having a past in the carpentry field is a benefit to look out for as well.


Do you hire subcontractors? Many places hire subcontractors to do their installations. This means that the people who are working on your home are not employees of the installation company itself, but they are hired on a job-by-job basis. Instead, try to find a company that has its own in-house construction crew. They are more likely to provide consistent high-quality craftsmanship and customer service.


Can you show me examples of your work? One of the biggest things to look at as examples of the company’s past installations. They should have plenty of photos and imagery to show you what they have done, as well as testimonials from past customers. Looking at these things will give you a better idea of the style and quality of work that you’re likely to receive if you hire that company.


replacement windows near Livermore, CADo you provide in-home consultations? Most reputable window installers will come to your home before they give you an estimate on the costs of window replacement. It’s important that they see exactly what they will be working with, and the extent of work that will need to be done. Pay attention to their attitude and enthusiasm when discussing their services; if they seem knowledgeable and confident, then that is a good sign for you.


Who are your trusted manufacturers? Make sure that the company you hire uses well-known, trusted manufacturers for their windows. You want to be sure that the products you receive are high-quality and will last a long time. Many reputable manufacturers will offer warranties on their products, which can add another layer of confidence in their products.


These are just a few of the questions you can ask to familiarize yourself a little better with the window installer you’re considering hiring. They will hopefully reveal a little more information about the people who might be working on your home. Getting replacement windows near Livermore, CA, is not something to be taken lightly, and you want to make sure that you’re hiring a company you can trust in your home. Asking these questions can give you more confidence in your choice, or tell you when you might want to go in another direction.