Replace My Windows, Replace My Stress!

A month ago, my husband and I had it out. There was this dramatic argument—you know, the kind about nothing, really. He was annoyed by me and I was irritated with him and there was no real reason for us to be arguing like teenagers, but we did it anyway.

The next day, we figured out the problem. When I got home from work (after the crappy kind of day which follows a blow-out), we held a rare but sanctioned and necessary Family Meeting. Do you do those in your family? We don’t have children, but we decided to adopt this conflict-management suggestion from our marriage counselor. Anyway, it went well. He had his 5 min to talk without being interrupted and I had mine.

Guess what the problem was? I was mad at him for not yet lining up a company to handle our window replacement. I was so mad about this, I refused to remind him (after the fifth reminder) and just got madder and madder about him not doing it. He was annoyed with me for being “unexplainably “snippy. So annoyed, in fact, that he decided to “take a stand” refuse to look into new windows.

I told you. We were behaving like teenagers.

Long story short, we resolved it. We agreed to go together to check out some options and speak with a professional. We agreed he’d choose the place, and I’d choose the windows. It worked.

He chose R&M Quality Windows & Doors not far from our home in Pleasanton, CA, in Newark. I have to admit, he did a great job in selecting this installation company. Here’s what I liked about them:

  • They’ve been around a while. Since 1994, R&M has been serving the Bay Area and installing striking, quality windows, doors, and patio doors. We found out three of our longtime friends have used them, too!
  • One of the owners was a carpenter. Both of our families have a long history of working in that industry, so it was a neat little connection to make.
  • The entire staff was friendly, personable, and quite knowledgeable. There was no question they couldn’t answer for us—which put us both at ease.
  • Their windows are fabulous. Oh, it was so hard to choose! We actually had some fun looking at the different examples of styles. Because of our agreement, I got to choose a new bay window for the kitchen, a larger picture window for our living room, a skylight for our master bathroom, and double-hung windows for all four bedrooms.
  • Extensive selection. Their options for product vendors is impressive. Most of the names I knew, some I didn’t—but all had beautiful options in various materials, styles, glass options, hardware, sizes, etc.

Two wonderful things came of this whole experience: we learned how not to handle a problem together and that R & M Quality Windows & Doors is our go-to from now on!

For details, you can check Pleasanton, CA windows replacement.

R & M Quality Windows & Doors / 5588 Central Ave. #A Newark, CA 94560 / (510) 796.0100