Replacement Windows the Whole Family Will Love

Pleasing everyone in the family is never an easy task. In fact, it often feels impossible. From family trips to home renovations, choosing something to satisfy each member of any household is quite a feat. But, at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, it is our mission to help our customers create home spaces even the little ones can get excited about. And, it all starts with Pleasanton, CA replacement windows.  

Not everyone shares the same taste and, believe it or not, your children would probably choose different windows for their bedrooms than you would choose. So, why not let them?  

The following are replacement window options to fit each person in your home.  

Bay Windows: for the Reader in the Family  Pleasanton, CA replacement windows

If your family has an avid reader in it, a bay window is the right addition to his or her bedroom. Because this window is built to project outward from an outside wall, it creates a nook on the interior. Plus, the added panes allow in more sunlight; perfect for a age-urning novel.  

Large Picture Windows: for the Dreamer in the Family  

Picture windows are just how they sound: a large, beautiful “picture” of the outdoors added to a room. Usually, these windows are added to shared living spaces like the living room or den and are the right window option for the family member who loves watching sunrises and sunsets, stargazing, and storm watching.  

Casement Windows: for the Cook in the Family  

Over the sink is the perfect spot to add two casement windows that open outward to your yard or garden. Cooks need lots of light to properly prepare family meals and, during the rare occasion that something overcooks on the stove, the added ventilation is helpful.  

Awning Windows: for the Outdoorsy One in the Family  

Awning windows are unique in their design. Just like casement windows, they open outward and away from the house. But, their hinges are on the top side of the windowpane, which allows the outdoorsy type in your family to enjoy the sounds of thunder and rain through an open window without letting the rainwater in. This window style is great for added ventilation and is often placed high up on the wall for breeze enjoyment all evening long without compromising your family’s safety by creating an entry point for intruders.  

Sidelight Windows: for the Cautious Family Member  

For those in the family who prefer “screening” visitors at the front door before opening it, sidelight windows offer this option. This window style is typically flanked on one or both sides of an entry door and allows for easy viewing of the outside entryway. Plus, sidelight windows add more natural light to the inside entry, which creates an inviting impression for guests.    

For more family-friendly ideas regarding replacement windows in Pleasanton, CA, come visit the pros at R&M Quality Windows & Doors at 5588 Central Ave. #A, Newark, CA 94560 or call us at (510) 796-0100. We look forward to working with you—and your entire family!