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The Truth About Vinyl Windows from the Experts

When it is time to purchase new home windows, deciding on the frame material is a pivotal choice. One of the most popular options today, here in California and across the country, is vinyl. In fact, vinyl windows in Dublin, CA have been leading in the market as the #1 choice by home builders and […]

Vinyl vs Wood Windows – The Facts

Real talk: a LOT of installation companies will try to convince you to purchase vinyl windows over wood windows and vice versa. Everyone has an opinion and, unfortunately, in0house promotions/sales pushes and cost can affect the angle a salesperson takes with you. Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we’re not about that. Our focus […]

Dispelling the Myths about Vinyl Windows

If you are in the market for new replacement windows for your home, chances are good you have come across information regarding vinyl windows. This material was new in the 1970s and has received a lot of attention—good and bad. The mixed reviews can be confusing and overwhelming for a homeowner looking to make decisions […]

Beach House Reno

Here in Dublin, CA, the “beach house” is a common sighting. If you live here, you know how sunny and beautiful it is most of the year. I love it here! That said, if you are you looking for renovation ideas for yours—we want to help! You see, our professionals at R&M Quality Windows & […]

FAQs: R & M Windows and Your Home

When it comes to home renovation projects, sometimes, you just do not want to visit a professional to ask questions as a first step. Even chatting with the most honest salesperson or design expert can feel overwhelming when all you want to do is gather a bit of info to get your wheels turning. We […]

Transforming My Traditional Home Into a Cottage Dream

Home styles vary a great deal. Most recently built homes these days fall under the “traditional” category. Nice, but lacking in personality. If this describes your current home, don’t fret. The truth is, changing the style of your home to be more akin to what you like is easier than you think. At R&M Quality […]

Choosey Homeowner Choose Vinyl Windows from R & M

There all kinds of homeowners here in Dublin, CA. There those who prefer to keep to themselves and those who host and entertain every weekend. There those with kids and those who prefer pets. We’re all pretty different. And, while vinyl windows may be just right for your neighbor, they just may not be for […]

Luxury Home are Choosing Vinyl Windows

Do you want your house to stand out from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood? We do, too! Here at R&M Quality Window & Door, our team loves to help families in the Dublin, CA area transform their homes from “good” to “unique, stand-out, stunning!” How do we do this? With beautiful, quality, […]

Are Vinyl Windows for Me?

Making decisions regarding upgrades to your home is not the easiest. What colors should I use? What materials will work best? How do I form a budget for my renovations? These kinds of questions are weighted; they depend on so many factors it can make your head spin! Personally, for the big decisions in life, […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Vinyl Windows

Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we pride ourselves on three things: quality customer service, high-quality products for the homes of Dublin, CA, and excellent installation processes. That said, we know the residents in this area often have questions regarding future window projects—especially with regard to vinyl windows. These days, it seems like everyone […]

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