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What Upgrading Your Windows Does for Your Aesthetic

Once, not too long ago, choosing anything used to be simple: I’ll have a burger and fries. I’ll take that diamond ring to propose to her. I’ll have this window style for my newly purchased home… Nowadays, things are so much more complex: Burger size? Double? Add cheese? Special sauce upgrade? Triple? Super Size? Quadruple […]

3 Tips to Check Out Before Upgrading Your California Home

Whether you just purchased your home or you have lived here in Union City, CA for a long time, there seems to always be something to do, improve, or upgrade around the home, doesn’t there? Truth be told, you will fare better if your chosen upgrades are completed with intention and not impulse. I know […]

Which Windows are Best for Me?

When choosing a window material for your home replacement project, there are four major contenders: Wood Vinyl Fiberglass Aluminum Choosing the “right” one for your home is a tough decision. There’s a lot to weigh: cost, energy efficiency, appearance, maintenance… Mostly, your choice will come down to personal preference and specific home needs. Here at […]

I Knew It Was Time To Replace My Windows When…

I moved into my home a little over ten years ago. Back then, it was just me, my husband, and our two small Yorkies. We didn’t have much, but we had our new-to-us home in the neighborhood we’d prayed for—and it was in good shape. Not too long ago, we experienced a cold snap unusual […]

3 Upgrades to Make Right Now to Your Home!

Sometimes, we overcomplicate things. When it comes to our homes and planning upgrades to them—we definitely overcomplicate things. The truth is, if you are wanting to give your home a facelift, it’s pretty simple. Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we specialize in bringing to life the home you want with our products. We […]

Humble Beginnings: My Starter Home

The starter home—AKA, the first home you own—is the most exciting one. There is so much newness and such a sense of growth that goes one, especially in that first year or two. I remember the first two years in our very first home as a married couple: the space was small, it was plain, […]

Rebuilding After the Fire

I’ve lived my whole life in California. The fires that rage during fire season have somehow never affected me directly. Like most in the US, I have witnessed the fires on the news each year and thanked God my home wasn’t one of the countless affected. Many years I have watched the red horizon and […]

Not Your Mother’s Vinyl Windows

My mom and I are the same in almost every way. We have the same laugh, the same hair color, the same hands… We like spicy food and don’t eat a lot of meat (except for holidays!). Both my mom and I have olive skin and dark eyes and we prefer to be spontaneous rather […]

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