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The Truth About Vinyl Windows from the Experts

When it is time to purchase new home windows, deciding on the frame material is a pivotal choice. One of the most popular options today, here in California and across the country, is vinyl. In fact, vinyl windows in Dublin, CA have been leading in the market as the #1 choice by home builders and […]

What Upgrading Your Windows Does for Your Aesthetic

Once, not too long ago, choosing anything used to be simple: I’ll have a burger and fries. I’ll take that diamond ring to propose to her. I’ll have this window style for my newly purchased home… Nowadays, things are so much more complex: Burger size? Double? Add cheese? Special sauce upgrade? Triple? Super Size? Quadruple […]

Prepping Your Home to Sell

Are you thinking about selling your Livermore, CA home? Warning: please do not just list it without preparation. Now, most of you reading that warning are thinking “correct—who would just list it without making preparations?!” You’d be surprised. Here’s the thing, prepping your home to be ready to be put on the market does not […]

Vinyl vs Wood Windows – The Facts

Real talk: a LOT of installation companies will try to convince you to purchase vinyl windows over wood windows and vice versa. Everyone has an opinion and, unfortunately, in0house promotions/sales pushes and cost can affect the angle a salesperson takes with you. Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we’re not about that. Our focus […]

3 Tips to Check Out Before Upgrading Your California Home

Whether you just purchased your home or you have lived here in Union City, CA for a long time, there seems to always be something to do, improve, or upgrade around the home, doesn’t there? Truth be told, you will fare better if your chosen upgrades are completed with intention and not impulse. I know […]

Thermal Protection for Your Home-5 Tips!

When we think of or hear about thermal protection and home insulation, we often think of our fellow citizens who live somewhere cold: MinneSNOWta, Wisconsin, New York… But, insulation is just as important here in Livermore, CA as it is along the Canadian border! We get hot here. The sun is strong. So, just as […]

Dispelling the Myths about Vinyl Windows

If you are in the market for new replacement windows for your home, chances are good you have come across information regarding vinyl windows. This material was new in the 1970s and has received a lot of attention—good and bad. The mixed reviews can be confusing and overwhelming for a homeowner looking to make decisions […]

Creating a Home Office You Can Use Effectively!

More and more people these days are working from home. Is this true for you? It is for me. You see, I started working from home about three years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. It did, however, come with a few hiccups—all of which I addressed with a few […]

Beach House Reno

Here in Dublin, CA, the “beach house” is a common sighting. If you live here, you know how sunny and beautiful it is most of the year. I love it here! That said, if you are you looking for renovation ideas for yours—we want to help! You see, our professionals at R&M Quality Windows & […]

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