The Real Reason You Need to Replace Your Windows

There are a lot of reasons to make upgrades and do replacement work in your home. Among my favorite reasons is: because I want to!

For most of us regular folk, though, this isn’t a “good enough” reason to spend money on home upgrades.

At R&M Quality Windows & Doors, our team knows all about renovations and when most homeowners will and will not choose to do them. The truth is, there are very necessary reasons to make significant changes at home; changes like home windows replacements! Let’s go over a few of these reasons together, so you know when the time is right to make changes to your Pleasanton, CA home!

Condensation between your window panes
If you’ve noticed this aggravating trend in any of your windows, there’s an issue. This is a sure sign that the window or windows are not properly keeping your indoors insulated. What’s more—the condensation can also be a sign of poor installation! Scheduled an in-home consultation ASAP with our professionals so we can help you to determine the issue and address it appropriately!

High-maintenance windows
Let’s say you purchased a home with lots of maintenance and upkeep. The last thing you probably want is to be tending to is a bunch of old windows that require regular staining, repainting, etc. Sound true for you? If you don’t have the time, patience, or drive to keep up with old-feature-maintenance, come check out our vinyl windows options here at our showroom! You’ll be floored by our selection! Note: vinyl windows won’t chip, warp, fade in color, or rot—and they only require a soapy wash each year; that’s it!

Putting your house on the market
Preparing to sell the home is probably one of the top reasons homeowners choose to replace their current windows. You see, potential buyers—the serious ones—are looking for a few specific things to ensure their first 10-15 years in the new-to-them home isn’t surprisingly costly. Windows that look outdated, are inoperable, are warped/rotting, appear too small, or are broken mean dollar signs to a potential buyer. Dollar signs they do not want to shell out. So, with inadequate windows on display at showings to try to sell, you will be losing money off the top of your asking price, instantly. Further, you will be losing the interest of the buyers you want.

So, what do you think? Do you have REAL reasons to have your windows replaced? Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we invite you to come check out our products and meet our trained professionals who will, hopefully, be your co-designers one day soon! For your peace of mind, be sure to get a couple different bids from other installation experts, too—this way you can feel comfortable and confident in your decision! Of course, we hope we’ll have the pleasure of working with and for you to bring up the value and aesthetic of your home with our incredible products! See you soon!

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