The Truth About Vinyl Windows from the Experts

When it is time to purchase new home windows, deciding on the frame material is a pivotal choice. One of the most popular options today, here in California and across the country, is vinyl. In fact, vinyl windows in Dublin, CA have been leading in the market as the #1 choice by home builders and homeowners for installation for quite some time. To some, this fact alone is enough to sway them to select vinyl windows—after all, if vinyl is leading, it is leading for a reason. Right?

At R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years about how homeowners operate. Everyone is quite different and the reasons for choosing certain products and home feature options vary greatly. So, though popularity among options make be enough for some homeowners to choose their new replacement windows, this isn’t enough for most. The truth is that there are goods and bads to every option, depending on each person’s individual likes and needs. Keep reading to discover the truth about vinyl windows.

Insulation and vinyl windows
Energy efficiency is easily one of the most important features of home improvement products. And, vinyl is known for its excellent insulation properties—we need that here in sunny California. Without sound windows that offer us thermal protection, your home would simply heat up beyond what you want to pay to cool off.

Though vinyl windows in Dublin, CA may not quite compare with the luxury of wood windows, they are close. For homeowners looking for a specific wood look, there are wood grain options that very well mimic the look and texture of real wood. That said, vinyl windows are a truly attractive window frame option—especially for contemporary, modern, and traditional style homes.

There is nothing like having low-maintenance responsibilities, is there? If you like minimal upkeep, you’ll love our vinyl windows for your Dublin home. High-quality vinyl frames will not crack, warp, fade, or require any repainting or annual staining.

Vinyl is, hands-down, the most affordable option on the market for home window replacement projects and new construction window options. Interesting fact: vinyl windows were created specifically for their affordability around WWII, due to a shortage of wood and aluminum.

Today, Dublin, CA vinyl windows come in countless colors and “faux wood” options. Though, they can not be painted or refinished/re-stained, so the initial choice of color remains for as long as you have these windows in your home. To some, this is a drawback. For others, the fact that these windows can’t be refinished is a welcomed feature, as there is no extra maintenance in the future. 

Are you interested in learning more about our Dublin, CA vinyl windows? The pros here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors would love to meet with you. Come and visit our showroom at 5588 Central Ave. #A, Newark, CA 94560 or call us at (510) 796.0100. We look forward to working with you.