Transforming My Traditional Home Into a Cottage Dream

Home styles vary a great deal. Most recently built homes these days fall under the “traditional” category. Nice, but lacking in personality. If this describes your current home, don’t fret. The truth is, changing the style of your home to be more akin to what you like is easier than you think.

At R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we are often asked how to achieve certain looks; specifically, how to transform a plain, traditional home into a cottage home. Why? The cottage home is one of the most nostalgic, homey styles there is. And, not shockingly, many people here in Dublin, CA, want to feel at home when they’re spending time in their house.

Our professionals can help you to achieve the “cottage home dream” in just a couple steps! Here’s how!

It’s all about the windows
Cottage homes are recognized for a few features—windows being a big one. And, these days, homeowners are opting for vinyl windows because they’re affordable and impeccable in quality. Further, they’ve evolved into an equally beautiful choice as other materials! If you love the look of wood but not its price—choose faux wood, vinyl windows! Here are a few style suggestions for you:

  • Double-hung windows. These are a very common option seen in cottage style homes. This is mostly because this is a style that has been around for a very long time. Really, single-hung windows were the common window found decades ago, but these days, homeowners opt for the exact same style with more versatility (operable from bottom up and top down).
  • The bay window. This is another indicative option of the cottage style and the kitchen or the sunroom are great rooms for one. They open up the space and add a little extra room for collectibles, small kitchen tables, and seating.
  • Awning windows. The team here at R&M are often asked to add these little windows to lower-level spaces, kitchens, and top floor attics. They are a great way to let fresh air in, even when it’s raining. Plus, they add a lot of character!

Nooks and small spaces
Typically, cottage homes are known as smaller ones—they don’t have to be, however. The key (regardless of the size of your floorplan) is to create coziness. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Add open shelving in the corner of your kitchen, above the coffee station. Line the shelves with usable items in jars, like sugar, flour, coffee beans, spatulas, etc.
  • Add extra seating in common areas. Fluffy couches, wingback chairs, fuzzy rugs and throws, decorative pillows. Focus on comfort for your guests and family in coordinating colors.
  • Frames, frames, frames. Add photos in white frames in various sizes and designs along surfaces: mantles, bookshelves, side tables, and collages on walls above gathering areas (like the dining room table or buffet).

Ready to gain that cottage feel in your home? Stop by the R&M Quality Windows & Doors showroom and meet with our experts—we can’t wait to work with you!

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