Vinyl vs Wood Windows – The Facts

Real talk: a LOT of installation companies will try to convince you to purchase vinyl windows over wood windows and vice versa. Everyone has an opinion and, unfortunately, in0house promotions/sales pushes and cost can affect the angle a salesperson takes with you. Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we’re not about that. Our focus is your home, your needs, and your preferences.

So, let’s review some facts, shall we?

Firstly, both materials are great options for your home. They’re both sturdy, beautiful, and they both offer great insulation and aesthetic value. That said, let’s go over both options, individually.

Wood windows—THE FACTS
Obviously, wood windows are at the top end of luxury. Nothing really compares to it, visually (though, vinyl windows now have options with incredible faux-wood looks and textures). Here are the top bullet-points regarding wood windows!

  • Aesthetic value: looks are the BIG reason homeowners here in Dublin, CA choose wood windows for their homes. In fact, for some people, this is the ONLY reason! But, there are some homes that actually require the look of wood: older/antique homes, historic homes (replacement windows, when needed, to uphold value), and some traditional homes.
  • Energy efficiency/insulation: think back to your school age years: wood = bad conductor of heat. This makes for a fantastic insulation solution! For our hot Dublin, CA days, wood will keep the hot OUT and the cool, conditioned air IN.
  • “Last-ability”: quality wood windows last a very, very long time. With the right care (and, your R&M specialist can help you learn about these), wood windows will last you a lifetime.

Vinyl windows—THE FACTS
Vinyl windows have been making their way into homes across the country for a solid couple of decades—though, they’ve been around for quite some time. Here are the top bullet-points regarding vinyl windows!

  • Affordability: vinyl windows are best known for their low cost in comparison to other materials. This is one of the biggest influencers on the American culture to accept vinyl windows as a worthy option for new and replacement windows. Keep in mind, though, cost will vary greatly based ona few significant factors:
    • Customizations
    • Window style
    • Contractor/installer chosen
    • Quantity of windows/size of project
  • Low maintenance: this material requires very little upkeep to maintain its “newness” (unlike wood, which requires regular maintenance). Vinyl will never need to be repainted or re-stained—just wash those windows with soap and water once a year!
  • The “chameleon effect”: do you prefer the look of wood windows (but, the price of something less expensive)? Great! Vinyl windows here at R&M come with woodgrain laminate options that can be color-matched to your interior!

Now, the choice is completely yours when you’re ready to have replacement windows installed or when you prepare to build! We hope you give our professional team here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors a call then!

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