Vinyl Windows and Your Options

Are you looking for information on replacement and/or new construction windows for your home? Don’t fret—the search doesn’t have to be overwhelming; I’m here to help.

Offering 40+ years of combined experience to the residents of Livermore, CA, the professional team at R&M Quality Windows & Doors is proud to offer superior home improvement products for your upgrade projects. And, because they’ve become so popular among homeowners, we want to share with you a bit about our Livermore, CA vinyl windows.

Benefits You Can’t Do Without

Maybe you’ve experienced drafts from your current windows. Maybe yours are no longer in the shape they used to be in and are warped or fading. Whatever your reason is for seeking new windows for your home, our team encourages you to check out the Livermore, CA vinyl window options we have here at R&M. Check out these benefits:

  • Strong and durable—resistant to peeling, cracking, warping, and fading.
  • Low-maintenance—do not require future painting or staining, which saves you time, energy, and added costs down the road.
  • Variety—our vinyl windows come in every color, size, and style option you can dream up. Forest green slider windows, wine red bay windows, cherry-stained [faux] oak wood-grain skylights… We can’t wait to help you choose.
  • Energy-efficient—truly superior thermal protection in comparison to other materials on the market. This is especially helpful in our climate, where the heat and humidity can be uncomfortable when we aren’t sitting behind solid, quality windows.
  • Inexpensive—vinyl is the least expensive option among all the window materials. Know that this does not mean vinyl windows here at R&M are low-quality. In fact, vinyl is the most popular window frame material option we have, for good reason.

Vinyl Window Styles:
As mentioned, R&M vinyl windows come in any style or custom shape you need/want. Regardless if you have a traditional-style, one-level home or a Tudor-style three-story, we have the perfect Livermore, CA vinyl windows for your home. Here are some examples to get your wheels turning:

  • Horizontal sliders—just like miniature sliding glass doors, these windows have easy operation and great for bedrooms.
  • Double-hung—features an upper and lower window sash that both move up/down and (sometimes) pop-in, for easy cleaning.
  • Picture—just like it sounds—an inoperable “picture-like” window for lots of light and natural views.
  • Greenhouse windows (Tru Frame)—an attractive, protruding window that’s enclosed for your indoor-gardening endeavors.
  • Casement windows—hinged and operated by a turn of a crank/handle to be opened on the left or right, outward.
  • Awning windows—just like the casement, only they open from the top.
  • Bay/bow windows—offer you more interior space and protrude out from the exterior of the home. These are a “window combo,” usually a stationary window flanked by two+ casements.

Here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors, we have your next home improvement project covered. Give our staff a call at (510) 796.0100 or visit our showroom, located at 5588 Central Ave. #A, Newark, CA. Let’s get to work replacing your windows with our high-quality vinyl windows in your Livermore, CA home. See you soon!