What is New Build Vs. Replacement Windows?

When getting new windows put in your home, they will likely fall under one of two categories: new build or replacement windows. It’s not something that’s preference-based necessarily but will be decided based on the state of the preexisting window. Your installer of replacement windows near Dublin, CA, can help you better understand whether you will need new build windows or simply replacement windows.


New build, or new construction windows, are typically put in where there is no preexisting frame. It usually involves some kind of alteration to the outside of the house in order to make the hole the proper size to fit the window that is to be installed. Some examples of when this may be necessary are if you are having a new window placed where there was not one before, or if you are changing the size or style of the window that you are replacing. Another time that you may need new construction is if the preexisting area of the window is badly damaged. If the frame, siding, or even interior drywall is damaged, rotting, or affected in some other way, that will all need to be rebuilt. New construction windows are more labor-intensive, and they often require some other alterations to the home. That’s why hiring a contractor with many different areas of expertise is important, so that they can address any issues that may arise.


Replacement windows are windows that are installed without removing the frame. If your window’s seal has become compromised, the panes have warped, or you simply want to upgrade with a new look, these would be times when you’d require replacement windows. It’s important to hire a company that has extensive experience and good reviews because you want to ensure that the windows are properly installed and sealed against the outside. These are often a less expensive endeavor when compared to new build windows because there is so much less construction involved.


replacement windows near Dublin, CAAs previously stated, your circumstances will determine which type of window build/replacement you need. Your window installer will be able to make an informed decision about what will best suit your situation. If the area is badly damaged, there is a chance that more extensive repairs will need to be made, requiring a new building. However, many jobs will simply require basic replacement windows, which can be easily and quickly installed.


If you are remodeling your home, changing the style or size of a window, or adding a window in a place where there was none before, then you’ll need to have new build windows installed. This is also true if the previous window is so badly damaged that the entire area needs to be rebuilt. If you’re simply wanting a new window to be placed where the old one was, but there is no significant damage to the frame, then getting replacement windows near Dublin, CA, is your best bet. Contact your local window installer today to get started with a free in-home quote, and you’ll be one step closer to having beautiful new windows in your home.