What Makes Wood-Clad Replacement Windows a Great Choice?

Most people are familiar with what wood windows are. For a long time, they were pretty much the only option homeowners had when installing replacement windows in Union City, CA. But not everyone is as familiar with wood-clad windows. These windows include a real wood interior as well as a cladded exterior, and they might just be the best option for your home. Let’s check out some of the biggest benefits of having wood-clad windows installed during a window replacement project.

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They provide the elegance of wood on the inside of your home.

There is nothing quite like having wood windows on the inside of your home. They’ll warm up any space and make it look so much more elegant than it would otherwise. You’ll love the way that Union City, CA wood-clad windows look once they’re installed, and you’ll appreciate how cozy they make your home feel. You can completely transform the feel of your entire house as soon as you have them put into place.

They have a cladded exterior that will stand up to almost anything outside.

While it’s great to have wood windows on the inside of your home, it’s not always as great to have wood extend outside. Wood doesn’t hold up as well as most other window materials when it’s placed on the exterior of a home. It’ll start to break down over the years and force you to seek window replacement sooner than you might like. But the cladded exterior on wood-clad windows helps you avoid this. It’ll prove to be extremely weather resistant and will stand up to just about anything Mother Nature throws at it. You won’t have to worry about replacing your windows again anytime soon.

They require next to no maintenance.

Traditional wood windows will call for you to do quite a bit of maintenance over the years. From polishing the wood frames every so often to staining the wood frames as necessary, you’ll have to be ready to get to work when you have wood windows. But wood-clad windows are one of the most low-maintenance window options on the market today. You won’t have to be too concerned about maintaining them on a regular basis.

They come in a wide range of colors.

Do you want to have windows that are on the lighter side installed in your home? Or would you prefer windows with a darker color? Either way, you can pick out whatever color windows you want with wood-clad windows. Wood-clad windows come with any number of finishes on them and can be customized to complement the rest of your home if you would like. It’s just one more reason to strongly consider installing them in your home.

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