What Upgrading Your Windows Does for Your Aesthetic

Once, not too long ago, choosing anything used to be simple: I’ll have a burger and fries. I’ll take that diamond ring to propose to her. I’ll have this window style for my newly purchased home…

Nowadays, things are so much more complex:

  • Burger size? Double? Add cheese? Special sauce upgrade? Triple? Super Size? Quadruple Size?
  • Princess cut? Cushion? Carat? What clarity? Prongs or no prongs? Solitaire? What about the band? How much money do you have to prove you love her?
  • Bay windows? Bow? Double-hung? Dual-pane? Transom or no? Grilles—what kind? Glazed? Tinted?

Oh, Life. You used to be simpler.

The pros at R&M Quality Windows & Doors can’t do much to help you decide on your burgers or diamonds—but, we can certainly help you sift through window options for your Union City, CA home without your head spinning! Keep reading…

Start with what’s important
Everyone has a unique point of view for the home. What’s yours? Here’s how you figure that out: what is most important to you in home windows? Choose from the following and/or put them in order of importance!

  • Aesthetic value
  • Energy efficiency (i.e.: savings in heat/electricity)
  • Being “green”
  • Insulation/thermal protection
  • Style
  • Price and affordability

Deciding what is most important to you helps your window specialist narrow-down some options.

For the energy-conscious
Choose high-quality windows known for their thermal capabilities. Whether you’re looking to save money on your monthly utility bill, be “greener,” or insulate your home better for less indoor temperature fluctuations, be sure check out our style options in vinyl and ask about our glass options (glaze, tint, etc.) to ensure your indoor climate remains comfy and steady throughout the year.

For the budget minded
Regardless of what anyone tells you, you can find wonderful affordable windows. If your budget is tight, vinyl windows (again) may be right for you. Know that vinyl windows are not “cheap;” they are not lacking in aesthetics. The vinyl windows of today are stylish and come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures (including wood-grain!). Of course, cost will also depend on these factors:

  • Style
  • Quantity
  • Glass options
  • Hardware and customizations

For those interested in aesthetics and style, primarily
For our team to assist you in upgrading your home’s aesthetics, we’ll have to get to know you a bit! What do you like?

  • Cottage style?
  • Farmhouse look?
  • Traditional?
  • Mid-century modern?
  • Antique?
  • Eclectic?

Fully understanding what you are most drawn to will help us to help you create that look with windows in your home. Each of these styles has a special way of connecting to various looks and interior design—we’ll work together on this!

Yes. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right windows for your California home (and, the right diamond, and the right burger…)—but our job here at R&M Quality Windows & Doors is to help you navigate your windows options and choose the RIGHT one(s) for your home! Give us a call today!

For more details, you can check Union City, CA vinyl windows.

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