What’s the Difference Between Retrofit and New Construction Windows?

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People need replacement windows near Dublin, CA, for a variety of reasons. The windows might not function properly, or maybe allow moisture and air into the house. On the other hand, the homeowners may simply be looking to update their entire home, including the windows. Whatever the reason may be, you’ll either need to get a retrofit window installation or a new construction installation. There are several differences between the two, including the amount of labor required and the overall price.

Retrofit Installation

Retrofit windows are the less labor-intensive and less costly option. For a retrofit window, you are not having the entire frame replaced, but only the window inside the frame. That means that the installer won’t have to remove any of the exterior house materials to rebuild the frame. They won’t have to build a new sill or trim, either. They will essentially measure glass windows to be inserted into the existing frames. This process is much less messy, and it requires a lot less time than new construction. As a result, you will be paying a lower price overall for retrofit window installation. If your window frames are intact, and you simply need new windows that will improve the efficiency of your home, you will want to consider getting your windows retrofitted. They can order new windows that are made specifically to fit inside the preexisting frames, creating a tight seal that will make your house more efficient overall and save you money on heating and cooling bills.

replacement windows Dublin, CA

New Construction Installation

New construction installation does require a bit more work, and if you have exterior materials like stucco or brick, you’ll likely have to have some of this removed for the new frames. They will have to take it down to the studs so that the frames can be removed and completely rebuilt. Sometimes new construction windows are necessary if the frames themselves are damaged or not functioning properly. Other times, people simply want to change the entire appearance of the window and wish for the whole thing to be replaced. Either way, the installer will be constructing an entirely new frame and sill for your window and will have to rebuild the areas around the frame to match them with the rest of the house. You can expect to pay more for new construction, and it will take longer as well.

As you can see, it is often a better option to have your windows retrofitted. These replacement windows near Dublin, CA, will cost a lot less money and require much less labor. They will fit snugly into your preexisting frames, so that you have a tight seal on your window, resulting in better efficiency in your home. However, it is sometimes necessary to have new construction installations for replacement windows. This may be the case if the window frame is damaged, rotted, moldy, or otherwise compromised. Your contractor will be able to give you advice on which method you will need, and they’ll make sure to choose the method that will be most cost-effective for your needs.