Which Window Styles are Right for Your Home?


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Windows are more than just a place for light to enter your home. They provide an important structural and aesthetic contribution to your home’s functioning and appearance. Choosing what style of windows to have installed in your home can make a big difference in the overall impression your home gives off. When you’re getting replacement windows near Livermore, CA, it’s important to consider the placement and function of each window to better select a style.

For your most functional windows, which are likely to be opened and closed most often, you have several options. Single-hung windows have one stationary pane and one that is able to move up and down. Double-hung windows have both panes that can be moved, giving more versatility. They are also easier to clean, as many of them can be swung inward and easily accessed from within your home. Sliding windows are typically used in spaces that are wider than they are tall. They work similarly to double-hung windows, but they open horizontally rather than vertically. Awning windows open outward from the top and are often used as accent windows. Finally, there are casement windows. These can open outward from the side, and provide excellent ventilation in your home. They are a great option when you don’t want the middle pane of the window to obstruct your view. These are functional but also can be used to have an overall different look to the window.


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When it comes to more decorative and stationary windows, you have many options as well. For instance, a bay window is a window that extends outward from the side of the house. These can provide an enjoyable sitting space next to the window, and they let in plenty of natural light. They’re often installed in dining rooms or living rooms, giving the appearance of a larger space. Garden windows are often in kitchens, and they also extend out from the side of the home. However, they include a sloped glass top, and they’re perfect for those who love houseplants and want to provide them with more light. Finally, you have fixed picture windows. These do not open or close, and they’re often custom-made to fit your home. Picture windows provide a large view of the outside and let in a great deal of natural light. These can become a major statement piece in your home, and they may be surrounded by windows that can be opened on either side.

In addition to the many different window styles that are available, you’ll need to consider the materials used for the frames and glass as well. Your installer of replacement windows near Livermore, CA, can show you catalogs of products from their trusted manufacturers. They can provide an in-home consultation to better help you decide which styles and materials are right for your budget and taste. Choosing a window style for your home is not a decision to be taken lightly, so let the experts help you choose the perfect style for your aesthetic and budget.