Why are Clad Wood Windows a Good Investment?

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Wood has been the most popular material for window frames for centuries. Most older homes were originally built with wooden window frames, and that style continues to be admired today. Nowadays, there are multiple options when it comes to window frame materials, such as fiberglass and vinyl. However, many people who are looking for replacement windows near Dublin, CA, still want that classic wood look for their windows.


One of the biggest reasons people want to use wood for their replacement window frames is to maintain the appearance and style of their homes. Many classic and older homes had original windows made with wood frames. For a lot of these homeowners, keeping that same look and quality is important. It can maintain or raise the value of your home, and it has an attractive appearance as well. Even in newer homes, wood frames are valued for their classic look. They can be painted any color under the sun and can be made to match well with the rest of your home and décor.


Some of the issues that come with wooden window frames are that they require a bit more maintenance than the alternatives, fiberglass, and vinyl. Wood frames are more susceptible to warping and damage from extreme temperature changes and inclement weather. They must be repainted every so often to maintain a seal against weather and moisture.


replacement windows near Dublin, CAThis brings us to the new style of wood-framed windows: Clad Wood. Clad wood windows are wooden windows that have a protective outer layer. On the interior, the window frames are the classic wooden material, that can be made to match the rest of the home’s style and color. On the outside, however, the wood has a layer of a more durable substance, such as aluminum, which protects it from moisture, sun, and temperature changes, as well as inclement weather. These are all things that can cause wood to deteriorate more quickly. However, with the protective outer layer, the wooden frames underneath will last much longer than a standard wooden frame would be expected to last. They will be more resistant to rot, warping, and general deterioration. Wood frames are not the most inexpensive material to purchase, and you want your investment to last as long as possible. That’s why clad wood frames are such a great improvement to regular wooden window frames.


If you’re thinking about updating your home with new windows and you have your heart set on wooden frames, you might want to take a closer look at clad wood windows. Your installer of replacement windows near Dublin, CA, can give you more information, and they can show you examples of past installations that might be similar to what you’re looking for. You can take a look at a catalog of their available products, and find something that will look beautiful in your home. Then, you can enjoy the classic look of wood window frames from inside your home, while protecting your investment with the cladding on the exterior.