Why Doing Window Replacement in the Winter Isn’t a Bad Idea

window replacement in Union City, CAThe majority of the people who do window replacement in Union City, CA choose to do it in either the spring or the fall. And it’s not hard to see why. That’s when the temperatures in Union City are usually at their mildest. You’ll find temps hovering right around 70 degrees during those two seasons.  

But don’t discount the idea of doing window replacement at a different time of the year. Specifically, there are some big advantages that come along with installing new windows in your home in the wintertime. Let’s take a look at why you should consider taking out your old windows this winter before putting new ones in their place.  

Window companies are typically less busy in the winter. 

If you decide that you’re going to install new windows in your house in the spring or fall, you’re probably going to have to get in line. During these times, Union City, CA window installation companies are at their busiest, so you might not be able to get windows installed as quickly as you want. In the winter, it’s a different story. Window installation companies are often a lot less busy and can set you up with their best crews to do a quick window installation.  

Companies usually offer better window installation deals. 

Because many window installation companies are slow in the winter, they’ll try to entice customers to buy windows from them by lowering the prices for them. You can get a great deal on windows if you’re willing to wait until the winter to get them.  

The temperatures in Union City aren’t that bad in the winter. 

If you live in a place like Minnesota, Ohio, or Michigan, the thought of installing windows in the winter sounds absolutely awful. It would subject your home to subzero temperatures for hours on end and provide some logistical nightmares if there is snow falling or snow already on the ground. But in Union City, CA, the temperature in December and January usually sits at right around 59 degrees during the day on average. That’s not bad at all compared to other parts of the country.  

You’ll get to enjoy the benefits of your new windows right away. 

As soon as you have new windows installed in your home, you’re going to want to put them to the test. If you choose to have them installed in the spring or fall, you won’t be able to do that right away since your HVAC system won’t be running. But in the winter, you can test your replacement windows immediately. You’ll be able to see how energy efficient your windows are as soon as your window installers leave.  

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