Why Putting Off Installing Replacement Windows Is a Mistake

Do you know in your heart of hearts that it’s time for you to replace the windows in your home? If so, you should not put off installing replacement windows in Fremont, CA. There are some homeowners who try to squeeze as much life out of their home’s old windows as possible and end up paying the price for it. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why putting off new window installation is one of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make.

replacement windows in Fremont, CA

It’ll force you to pay higher energy bills than you should have to.

Does it feel like your energy bills are getting higher and higher every month? You’re not just imagining things! This is more than likely happening because of the old windows in your home. Old windows will often allow air to sneak in and out of a home and cause an HVAC system to run for longer than it should have to. This will drive your energy costs up, and it’ll also cause your HVAC system to wear out quicker than it would otherwise. By putting new Fremont, CA windows in your home, you can bring your energy bills back down to earth.

It’ll increase the chances of moisture leaking into your home.

Old windows are usually very leaky and will allow too much air to pass right through them in both directions. But there’s a chance they might let more than just air to get into your home. If your windows are extra old, they could also spring a leak and let moisture get in, too. This moisture can damage walls, floors, and, of course, the windows themselves. They can also lead to mold and mildew if you don’t catch a leak quickly.

It’ll hurt your curb appeal and interior design.

If you hate the way your home looks when you pull up in front of it, your home’s old windows might be to blame. Old windows will make the outside of a home look outdated and hurt its curb appeal greatly. By replacing your windows, you can make your home look more modern overnight. Old windows will make the inside of a home look outdated, too. If your interior design could use a boost right now, installing new windows will do the trick.

It’ll bring down the value of your home.

In a worst-case scenario, your home’s old windows could potentially affect the value of your home. They can cause the value to plummet as they get to be older and older. Installing new windows will reverse this trend and add value to your home in most cases. It’s not uncommon for new windows in a home to increase the value of it by 80 to 90 percent of the cost of the windows.

If you’ve been putting off Fremont, CA window installation for months or even years now, it’s time to change that. R & M Quality Windows & Doors can help you replace your old windows with new ones and prevent you from enduring one the scenarios listed here. Reach out to us at (510) 796-0100 today to start window shopping or come and see some of the windows in our inventory at 5588 Central Ave #A Newark, CA 94560.