3 Benefits of Installing All Your Replacement Windows at Once

Fremont, CA replacement windowsDo you have one or two windows inside of your home that are giving you problems? Maybe they’re allowing rainwater and air to leak into your home, or maybe they’re not providing you with enough protection due to broken hardware or some other safety issue. Whatever the case, it’s definitely time to consider installing Fremont, CA replacement windows to fix the problems.

However, one common question homeowners is ask: Should I replace my windows one at a time or replace all my windows at once? The truth is that you can replace one window at a time if you want. But more often than not, you’ll be a lot better off replacing all your windows at once, especially if they’re getting to be on the older side. Here are some of the benefits of installing all the windows in your home at one time.

Your new windows will work together to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Most of the new windows in Fremont, CA that are on the market today are designed to make homes more energy efficient. They keep air inside your home in and keep air outside out. They’ll cut down on your energy bills by keeping your home’s temperature consistent. But unfortunately, you’re not going to get to enjoy this benefit if you only install one or two new windows. While those windows might give your home a slight bump as far as energy efficiency goes, they’re not going to make it significantly more energy efficient. You won’t see real results unless you go ahead and replace all your windows.

They’ll give your home’s curb appeal a boost it wouldn’t otherwise get.

When you replace all the windows in your home, you’ll give your home’s curb appeal a big boost. Your home will look more modern and updated with new windows in it. But you won’t get to enjoy that benefit when you only replace a couple windows at a time. In fact, you could actually make your home look worse if you replace a window located in the front of it without replacing the windows that surround it. That one new window will stick out like a sore thumb and make people wonder why you didn’t replace all the other windows along with the one you did replace.

They’ll prevent you from having to worry about replacing windows again anytime soon.

After you’ve replaced the one or two windows that are giving you problems, you won’t have to worry about them giving you problems anymore. But you will have to worry about when all of your other windows are going to start presenting you with issues. By replacing all your windows at once, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes along with doing it. Your new windows will last for 20 to 25 years or more, depending on which kind of windows you install. That means you won’t have to devote any more time to thinking about your home’s windows.

In addition to enjoying these benefits, you’re also more likely to get a better deal on window installation in Fremont, CA when you install a bunch of windows at once instead of just one or two. Get a free quote on replacement windows from R & M Quality Windows & Doors by calling (510) 796-0100. Or come and see us at 5588 Central Ave #A, Newark, CA 94560 to see your replacement window options for yourself.