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Windows are a significant part of your home. Mainly due to their multiple purposes: protection, insulation, and aesthetics. Plus, your windows are viewable from the interior and exterior.

On the interior, windows should operate as expected as well as offer you a view. From the outside, windows should serve to protect your interior from harmful UV rays while also enhancing curb appeal.

While you won’t likely need to replace your windows and patio doors often, this is a major investment. So, you’ll need to partner with a window expert that can provide you with a range of possibilities.

The top two attributes of your new windows and patio doors will be the material and operating style. Here’s a preview of each.

Window Materials

There are several different materials used to construct window frames. Each has its own attributes and benefits. Depending on a number of things, you may choose any of these.


Fiberglass windows are the ultimate performance window and work perfectly in any type of weather, from extreme heat to heavy moisture. Fiberglass windows are durable, moisture-resistant, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance.


Constructed to be energy-efficient, vinyl windows can deliver real savings on energy bills. They are also highly customizable, require minimal maintenance, and are versatile—looking perfect in modern or traditional settings.


With a clad-wood window, you’ll enjoy the elegance of a real wood interior with a cladded exterior. The cladding protects the wood and makes the windows more durable over long periods of time. With multiple species and finishes to choose from, you’ll be able to customize your modern wood windows.


As certified Installation Masters, we at R&M Quality Windows and Doors have been installing windows and doors since 1994. Our replacement windows and doors carry a lifetime warranty at a great value. We carry a wide range of products ranging in size, style, energy efficiency, and custom designs.

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Replacement Window and Patio Door Types

There are multiple window and patio door types to consider for your home. Depending on space and desired functions, there’s an ideal style for you.

Sliding Windows

  • Operates by sliding
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to open
  • Contemporary styling


  • Stationary top with a bottom sash that moves up and down
  • Meets egress openings in bedrooms
  • Versatile


  • Top and bottom sash are operable
  • Tilt in for easy cleaning
  • Great for ventilating rooms
  • Traditional look


  • Extends outward beyond the home’s walls
  • Consists of several angled window panels
  • Popular in kitchens and living rooms
  • Angled side typically opens


  • Projects beyond the exterior wall
  • Wider, panoramic view
  • Combines four or more picture and casement windows to form an arch
  • Creates an interior seating area


  • Expands past the home’s wall
  • Usually found in kitchens, housing plants
  • Sloped glass on top
  • Allows for sunlight to filter in


  • Opens outward to the left or right
  • Good for ventilation
  • No meeting rail to obstruct views


  • Top hinge allowing it to tilt outward and open
  • Excellent source for ventilation
  • Popular in Craftsmen homes
  • Often used as an accent window


  • Do not open
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Delivers more natural light into spaces

French Doors

  • Traditional look
  • Inswing or outswing
  • Hinged

Sliding Doors

  • Open with a slide
  • Excellent for tight spaces
  • Multi-slide doors available for large spaces
  • Wide views

Folding Doors

  • Ideal for large areas
  • Accordion type of fold
  • Available in multiple panels

7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Windows

Upgrading your windows brings many benefits. Here are seven great reasons for a window retrofit.

  • Energy-efficiency—reduce energy bills
  • Return on investment—expect high returns with this home upgrade
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Window operation—choose the right windows for the space
  • Low-maintenance—especially for fiberglass and vinyl windows
  • Noise reduction—new windows drown out outside sounds
  • Security—modern windows have secure hardware

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We are dedicated to providing an elevated quality of workmanship and unparalleled customer service at the best price.