4 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

Replacement windows near Livermore, CA

Making sure your windows are working and sealed properly is a significant part of maintaining your home. Replacement windows near Livermore, CA, are a big investment, and it’s worth it to find out what some of the signs are that your windows need to be updated.

  1. Feeling Drafts in Winter. If you can feel a draft or cold air around your windows in the winter, it’s a definite sign that they should be replaced. Your heating and cooling bills are likely much higher than they should be, and with replacement windows, you will notice a big difference in costs.
  2. Moisture Between Window Panes. If you notice moisture is building up between your window panes, this is a sign that their seal has cracked or grown old. It means that the windows are no longer successfully protecting the inside of your home from moisture. If left unchecked, this can lead to mold and mildew that can cause ill health and damage to your belongings.
  3. Difficulty Opening and Closing. If you find that your windows are getting more and more difficult to open or close, this can indicate a number of problems. Likely they are older and have experienced some kind of warping due to changes in temperature, moisture, and more. This can cause several issues. First of all, your windows are an important entry point into your home, and it’s essential that they can properly close and lock, for safety reasons. Second, it could mean that their seal is no longer working, and you may be losing energy efficiency, which can cost you money in the long run. You may consider having them assessed by a professional window company, and it’s a good sign that it’s time for window replacement.
  4. Age of the Window. If you have an older home that still has its original windows, it’s probably time to consider having them replaced. This is important because many older windows are not made from tempered glass, and they may not be UV-blocking. Tempered glass is an important safety feature because, in the event of a broken window, you won’t have large dangerous shards to clean up, but rather small and easy-to-clean up pieces. Additionally, modern window glass blocks harmful UV rays that can be damaging to your health, as well as your belongings. If you think your windows don’t have these qualities, you may want to come up with a plan for replacing them.

replacement windows in Livermore, CA

While these aren’t the only signs that you may need to update your windows, they provide a starting point for you to work from. Whether you choose to do all your windows at once or opt to do it in phases to save money and provide convenience, R & M Quality Windows & Doors can help you come up with a plan. We provide replacement windows near Livermore, CA, and our experienced team will deliver excellent service and results. Please contact us for a free estimate as soon as you suspect that your windows need to be updated, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!