Are Your Home’s Old Windows More Dangerous Than You Might Think?

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The old windows in your home could be causing you to waste a lot of energy every month. They could also be causing your home’s HVAC system to have to work harder than it should ever have to. But did you know that your old windows could be putting you and your family members in harm’s way as well? That’s right. Your home’s old windows could actually be dangerous, and you’ll want to install replacement windows in Livermore, CA if they are. Check out some of the ways in which your home’s old windows could take a toll on those in your household if you’re not careful.


Your old windows might be difficult to open and close carefully.

As Livermore, CA windows start to get up there in age, it can be difficult opening and closing them. You’re going to have to use a decent amount of force to get them to budge. This might just seem inconvenient as opposed to dangerous, but as you can probably imagine, you could potentially slam a finger or even your whole hand in a window if you have to push too hard to open or close it. You’ll need to be extra careful when dealing with hard-to-open windows.


Your old windows might be rotting and on the verge of falling apart.

When windows get to be on the older side, they’ll be more than just hard to open and close. Many of them will also begin to rot away and fall apart. This can be problematic for a few reasons. First, it can lead to the wood in these windows splintering and possibly causing injuries. But it can also allow air, water, pests, and more to gain access to your home when you don’t want them to. Some of these things can wreak havoc on your health and make your windows more dangerous than they might seem.


Your old windows could have lead paint on them or contain materials with asbestos in them.

If you have windows in your home that are very, very old, there is a chance that they could have lead paint on them. As you probably know, lead paint has been known to cause all kinds of health issues in people, especially children. Many older windows are also made out of materials that could have asbestos in them. If this asbestos is ever disturbed, it could get into the air where people could breathe it in and suffer the health consequences. You’ll want to get rid of any windows containing lead paint or asbestos sooner rather than later.


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Your old windows could be allowing mold to grow.

Are your old windows letting moisture leak into your home? Then they could be allowing mold to grow in places that you might not see. This mold can spread quickly behind walls and in other parts of your home and pose a serious health risk to you. You might not realize that this is happening at first, but once you do, you should have your old windows replaced right away so that mold isn’t able to spread anymore.


If you suspect that your home’s old windows might be dangerous for one reason or another, you should schedule Livermore, CA window replacement as soon as possible. R & M Quality Windows & Doors can make your home safe again by helping you find the right windows for your home and installing them for you. Give us a call to begin the process of putting replacement windows into place.