How Have Window Materials Improved Over Time?

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Window glass and frame material technology have changed a lot over time. There have been many innovations that have increased windows’ energy efficiency, as well as provided more protection to people and belongings inside homes. Your installer of replacement windows near Livermore, CA, likely uses the most up-to-date technology when it comes to their windows. Here are some of the ways that windows have improved in more recent years.

One of the biggest and most effective changes in windowpane technology is the move from single-pane to double and triple-pane windows. Single-pane windows were used for many years, but they are not very energy efficient. Double-pane windows have two glass panes separated by a layer of gas, which acts as insulation from sound and cold or hot air outside. Triple-pane windows are similar but with three layers of glass instead of two. These are more common in northern climates where winter temperatures can dip down very low, and they are heavier and often more expensive than double-pane.

In addition to having multiple panes to keep the temperature in your home more consistent, they now add certain coatings to your windows to make them more protective of you and your belongings. Most windows now block certain UV rays, which can be harmful to skin with long exposure, and they can also contribute to fading of rugs, furniture, wall-hangings, and more. There are other coatings as well, which can help lower the amount of heat that can pass through the glass, further improving efficiency.

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When it comes to the materials used for window frames, there have been a lot of upgrades as well. Traditionally, window frames have been made using wood. While wood makes an attractive window frame, can easily be painted, and can last a long time with proper maintenance, it will likely warp or break down given enough time. Many people are choosing materials like vinyl or fiberglass for their window frames now. Vinyl is relatively inexpensive, and it is durable and energy-efficient. It comes in a variety of colors and is a good choice for many people. Fiberglass is generally a little pricier, but it is made from an extremely resilient material that can be made to have a smaller profile than wood or vinyl frames, which is an attractive feature for many people. Additionally, fiberglass can be made to have a realistic wood texture, which can be painted as easily as wood frames can. They last for a long time and are not as likely to warp or change shape as the other two types of material.

With all the technology improvements for windows available these days, it may be worth considering getting window replacement near Livermore, CA. If you have very old windows in your home that still seem functional, you may be surprised at the increase in energy efficiency you can gain with new windows. Ask your installation company about what kind of materials they offer and how they could benefit your specific situation, and then you can begin forming a plan to have your windows replaced.