How to Teach Kids to Be Careful Around Replacement Windows

If you have kids, you’ve probably gotten used to them breaking things around your house at this point. From their toys to your furniture, kids have a way of doing a number on a home. But if there’s one thing you definitely don’t want your kids to damage, it’s your replacement windows in Union City, CA. They may be designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions, but all it takes is one errant football pass to break one of your new windows.

Right after you have replacement windows installed, it’s not a bad idea to sit your kids down and talk to them about being careful near your windows. Check out how you can teach them to avoid doing any damage to your new windows below.

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Tell them not to touch your windows unless it’s an emergency.

There is really no reason at all for young kids to touch windows. They don’t need to be opening and closing them without your permission, and they also don’t need to be locking them or putting their fingerprints all over the glass. Tell your kids that they shouldn’t ever touch your new windows unless there’s a fire inside your home or another emergency. It’ll show them how serious you are about protecting your Union City, CA windows.

Stress the importance of staying away from windows whenever possible.

In addition to telling your kids not to touch your new windows, you should also stress the importance of them staying away from the windows altogether. If they need to look out a window for some reason, that’s one thing. But they shouldn’t get too close to any of your windows, especially if you’re not around.

Speak with your kids about not wrestling or throwing things near windows.

Kids find all kinds of interesting ways to do damage to things inside of homes. They wrestle and knock things over. They throw balls and hit things. And they discover other ways to do more damage than you might expect. Let your kids know that you won’t tolerate them roughhousing near your new windows or throwing balls that could hit them. You can tell them that they shouldn’t be doing those things anyway and that they should go outside if they need to burn off some energy.

Emphasize how much your new windows or window replacement cost.

If all else fails, talk to your kids about how much money you invested into new windows for your home. Tell them that if you have to replace them, they might not be able to have a birthday party this year or go on a family vacation. Young kids might not grasp this concept, but most older kids will understand how serious you are about keeping your windows safe when you take this approach.

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