How to Tell If Your Home’s New Windows Weren’t Installed Properly

When you first install windows in Dublin, CA, they might look absolutely fabulous. But if they weren’t installed properly, it won’t be long before your dream windows turn into an absolute nightmare. Improperly installed windows can do a lot of damage to your home and force you to replace your windows a whole lot sooner than you expected to be doing it. 

After you have windows installed, keep an eye on them to look out for signs of trouble. It won’t be too terribly difficult to tell when windows weren’t put in the right way. Here is how you’ll know you have a problem with your window installation.  

windows in Dublin, CA

There is a small gap in between a windowsill and a window frame. 

At first glance, it might look like your home’s new windows are snug and secure in the side of your home. But when you get a little bit closer to them, you may notice that there is a small gap in between some of your windowsills and your window frames. That gap should obviously not be there. It shows that your Dublin, CA window installation company didn’t measure your windows right. You should contact them immediately to alert them to the issue.  

There is air or water leaking into your home through your windows. 

Do you feel a draft when you’re standing near one of the windows in your home? Or have you noticed that there is moisture sneaking its way into your home through your windows? You should not ignore either of these problems. Drafts can drive up your home’s energy costs, while sitting water can cause everything from mold and mildew to unpleasant smells. Both of these situations are likely caused by a faulty window installation.  

There are windows in your home that won’t open and close easily. 

One of the best parts about installing new windows in your home is that it makes it easier than ever to open and close your windows. New windows don’t stick like old windows sometimes do. So if you’re having a hard time opening and closing your home’s new windows. Either your window installation company didn’t measure your windows properly or they didn’t install your windows the right way. Regardless, they should come back out and correct the problem.  

There isn’t any caulk around the outside edges of your new windows. 

After a replacement window installation company installs a window, they’ll use caulk around the outside of it to weatherproof the window and make sure it’s completely sealed. If you don’t see any caulk around one or all of our windows, you need to get some caulk on them immediately. In some cases, a window installer may have just mistakenly forgotten to caulk a single window. But whatever the case, you shouldn’t let a window go without having any caulk around it. It could allow air and water to work their way into your home.  

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