Safety Tips You Should Use With Your New Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Pleasanton, CADid you just have replacement windows in Pleasanton, CA installed in your home? Or are you thinking about having new windows put into place sometime soon? From the second you install new windows, you should do your best to stay safe around them. There are some simple tips you can put to good use when it comes to your replacement windows. Take a look at several of these tips below.

Keep your windows closed and locked whenever you’re not leaving them open to let air in.

One of the things you’ll really love about having new Pleasanton, CA windows is how easy they are to open and close. It’ll make it simple for you to open them when you want to let a little fresh air in. You’re OK to do this when you’re at home, but you shouldn’t leave windows open all the time. You should close and lock your windows when they don’t need to be open. This will prevent potentially dangerous accidents involving kids and stop would-be burglars from gaining easy access to your home through unlocked windows.

Open your windows from the top, if possible, as opposed to opening them from the bottom.

Most of the windows on the market today can be opened from either the top, the bottom, or both. Opening both the top and the bottom at the same time is a great way to improve the circulation of windows. But if you’re only going to open one, make it the top. It’ll do the same thing as opening the bottom without turning your windows into a safety hazard. You might even want to make sure that you buy windows that open from the top when you’re shopping around for them.

Stick screens on your windows and make sure they’re always secured.

In addition to having new windows installed in your home, you should also get screens to go along with them. Screens will stop insects, birds, and other pests from getting into your home when your windows are open. They’ll also prevent anyone from breaking into one of your windows easily. Additionally, screens can stop small children from climbing out of a window, though you shouldn’t depend on them for this purpose.

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Talk to your kids about staying away from windows and not touching them.

If you have young children living in your home, talking to them about being safe around windows is of the utmost importance. Tell your kids that they should not touch your windows without your permission under any circumstances. You may also want to move furniture away from windows so that curious kids aren’t able to climb on it and get anywhere close to your windows when you’re not around.

Before you can start using these safety tips, you’ll need to pick out the right windows for your home. R & M Quality Windows & Doors can assist you throughout this process. We can also supply you with the Pleasanton, CA window installers you’ll need to put new windows in your home properly. Contact us to start shopping around for the right replacement windows for your house.